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LINK House Republicans say they won’t impeach Trump because of death threats - Vox

Many more than the six Congress members who've announced for impeachment would like to, but they are terrified that they and their families could be killed. This is what Donald Trump has done.

barjoe 8 Jan 13

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If the vote according to who threatens them, then have have no place representing anyone in a democracy. Shame on Them

They threatened their families. It's easy for you to say while you sit home safe. Would you testify against the mafia if it meant they were gonna kill your whole family?

@barjoe If you run for Public office and you are going to betray the people who voted for you by succumbing to Threats then you have no place in a congress or any parliament. There is a Trial going on in Italy at the moment where they are prosecuting over 1,100 Mafia Criminals. Politicians and Police and Judges are not backing down in Italy. And that's because they have security and protection form the threats just like Members of Congress do. And because they have courage. If you are a member of Congress and you don't have the courage to do the right thing then resign your seat and let the voters elect someone else.

@dermot235 snitches get stitches

@barjoe I agree it would be hard to know your family is not safe yet are they safe if you allow the bullying to continue its a double edged sword you are dammed regardless

@dermot235 couldn't agree more! Show some freaking backbone or get out!

@barjoe, @whiskywoman, @AnneWimsey
People should remind themselves that these Cowards that are afraid of Trump and his supporters are the Same Senators and House Reps that sent Young People away to Die in Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But they won't stand up to a demagogue in their own country. They are simply COWARDS and hypocrites


Trump is losing people who would kill them. Will he do it personally and use his own 38?

there are still many who follow him


Should helped out the first time...too dumb to think it through.

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