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150 years later some don't get it.

DangerDave 9 Jan 13

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I get this totally. What is it about? Losing another war or wanting to have slaves again. Maybe you just do not want to be a part of the rest of us.

Actually, I hate it for the flag but I completely understand. As they say, you never see a nazi flag in Germany.

But I grew up in a time of Dukes of Hazzard and Granny from Beverly Hillbillies waving one around sometimes. I had one in my room in my teens as a symbol of rebellion against society in general along with my nihilistic and satanic posters. Not once was it considered a symbol of racism.

Anyway, the rioter sealed the fate of the flag though that was a done deal decades ago. I detest racism but I also detest the cancel culture of modern political correctness.

@DangerDave I get this too. There was a move on to cancel re-runs of Dukes of Hazzard because of this and I went on record to say it would be wrong. The show was not done in that way and the stars still get money for their roles. Nothing racist about that show.


I'm moving back to that crap.


This is so obvious to the watchers from the UK . What is it about the human race that does not seem like the battle is over when the whole country will benefit from harmony. I do not want the Brexit battle to be over. We have so much to learn about the real Brexit . In Trump's case it could depend upon what he was told by his father or what he learned from trying his business deals in the early days - or anything really . His attitude to women- where did that come from? Just from being one of the young bucks?

There are a lot of good books abouthim, the most telling are those he "wrote" himself.

In short, he's among the worst cases of narcissistic self centeredness only the very wealthy can attain.

I've met a few. Not pretty people.

His father taught him that there are 2 kinds of people. Killers & losers. He used to threaten to break his brothers toy trucks. Torturing him. He has had 7 bankruptcies. Lost all of daddy's money. Stiffs his contractors, they take him to court, he slow walks the law suit until it costs more than he owed & the plaintiff drops the suit. Every thing these dopes hate about slick, greasy, dirty New Yorkers & they can't see it in their face. Childish. Except they are dangerous. Children with explosives.


If Trump lived another 150 years, he would still claim that he won the election.

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