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A man carrying molotov cocktails and weapons to the capitol insurrection had the contact information for two of Ted Cruz’s staff scribbled on a piece of paper he was carrying.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley discovered during the attack that ALL the panic buttons in her office had been removed. They had previously been there and working.

Multiple GOP reps sponsored reconnaissance tours of the Capitol the day before the attacks for people — including Proud Boys groups — who participated in the attacks the next day

Organizer of Stop the St—l Ali Alexander is implicating 3 GOP Seditionists, saying they were who helped him plan it. He named Congressmen Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks and Andy Biggs.

Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs had dinner at the Trump hotel with Sen. Lindsey Graham before Biggs helped organize an assault on the U.S. Capitol

Rep. Clyburn said rioters somehow knew where his unmarked, hard to find office is and showed up there during the attack looking for him, and looted his office

Some insurrectionists reportedly had maps of the offices, some well-hidden and unmarked

Security had been offered but refused by the Capitol Police ahead of the attack

It was planned.

It was an inside job.

It was a coup.

This is from a couple of sources including the representatives themselves.

Larimar 7 Jan 13

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Lock them all up. It is the only solution.


links please

google works too you guys!


Any links and or quotes would be great. Thx


I think that there are probably maps of Representative offices and meeting rooms available to the General public. I'm sure not every room such as the one representing Clyburn used is on that map.

I think at a minimum some of the capital police were involved and quite possibly some of the representatives that are on the farthest fringe.


I just hope the investigation is thorough, because there seem to be several aspects of the planning and implementation of the attack that need to be looked at to understand the big picture.


Interesting. The Repuglican party deserves to be eliminated.

But will they split into two factions?

@Mcflewster I don't know. They could disappear like the Whigs, they could split in two, or they could win a civil war.

@Theresa_N That's politics for you!

@Mcflewster Two sections? Insane and less insane?


This doesn’t surprise me but I’ll wait until complete confirmation. So far I’m leaning 70% that this was an inside job. after Today (Wednesday) Now I'm thinking 90% is real

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