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Believers must be getting more desperate.

I received a call at our business today from a wimpish woman who said she was local. I asked if she wanted to order something, she said she wanted to share a scripture with me about the condition of the world. I said "thank you" in a positive and affirming voice and then pressed disconnect, I wonder if she kept talking until she realized I was not on the line.

Had it been my personal line, after she read the scripture, I would have said, "Now you are just trying to turn me on."

nogod4me 7 Apr 8

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Start talking like a perv., is best yes, they hang up quickly. LOL


And there was a woman at the gym, this morning, wearing both a tee-shirt and a hat that each said "The Answer is Jesus." My question would be "Gee, who is your favorite fairy tale hero?"


Cinderella ugly sister. Not a good fit. lol

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