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Complex, agriculture-based societies need High Gods for social cohesion.



skado 9 May 4

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I think you may FIND, IF you chose to actually look that is, that Actual Complex, Agricultural Social Cohesion arrived on the scene long, long before such things as Organized/Regulated Gods/Deities and Belief System were ever created.
Hunter/Gatherers, for example had to move as the herds migrated and the seasons changed.
Whereas, once the cultivation of available plants and their seeds, etc, were discovered, most probably by sheer accident, it was realized that 'migrating' to follow the food sources was no longer a necessity of life and the then small communities/familial based CLANS could settle down in one fertile place, grow crops, start animal husbandry and ensure, as best as possible, a plentiful food supply to all and those small familial clans began to grow into larger and larger communities.
And, over time, ages in fact possibly, those little fire-side stories became more and more embellished and then became Religions.

Not “long, long before” in evolutionary time. Like everything that humans do, it’s not crisp and instant, but organized religion followed agriculture by only as much time as it took for that cultural development to respond to the growing influences of agricultural civilization. What societies in the last five thousand years, including the present time, have not had creator deities?

@skado The modern Human Archaeologist, for the major part, like to equate our beliefs, IF they have any that is, with the 'practises' of the Earlier Humans with our own imo.
Since, imo, it makes things a whole easier than merely saying "I do NOT know."
Did Cro-magnon Man, Neandethals, Australopithiceans, etc, etc, have RELIGIOUS Beliefs, do our closest Primate kin have Religious Beliefs?

I’m always willing to look at scientific studies, if you can direct me to some, but the ones I’ve read aren’t saying that.

@skado First ask yourself WHY those so-called 'studies' are NOT saying it, then do some research, etc, for yourself.
I'll be kind to you, though it goes against my better judgement atm, When the Frenchman was decoding the Rosetta Stone, he was ORDERED by the Catholic Church, the Vatican AND the Reigning Pope of that time " NOT mention ANYTHING that he found within it that could be detrimental to or give an impression that the Ancient Egyptians were NOT just ignorant Pagans and Heathens but far more intelligent and advanced since Human Enlightenment ONLY came into being AFTER the Christ was born, lived, died and was resurrected and SHOULD he disobey the Church he and his entire family would be imprisoned and Excommunicated."


right...that stuff and round-up.


How high does this god have to be? and on what?

Most high, if going on how plants seem to grow as high as possible to 'escape' from the stench of the fertilizers that are used to surround them....LOL.

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