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Bible science, hard to choose the looniest theory but this has to be mentioned. Have a woman sit on a wine cask, if you can't smell wine on her breath, it's because her intact hymen is blocking the fumes and therefore she is a virgin.

Buttercup 7 May 4

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Of course this is ridiculous. The hymen has a hole to allow for menstruation so it is not a solid block. It would appear that the anus has a more direct route through the alimentary canal to the mouth. But this is a long 40 foot distance to travel through the body. Of course if one breathes in the wine fumes the woman would more likely have wine on her breath. The only thing proven by this experiment is that Christians lack scientific smarts.


i would tend to think that if indeed that scenario were to play out then itd make perfect sense

i think making plants before the sun is the stupidest shit ever


An earthy bouquet with a long palate of ripe plum, a hint of black fruit with a fine flinty, slightly saline terroir. This vintage would benefit from being cloistered for several years.


Aside from how totally ignorant the whole thing sounds, it seems that there would be a 100% genuine virgin rate out of that. πŸ€”

Actually that makes a lot of sense, "I'm a virgin and I can prove it!", if the barrel don't fit, you must acquit.


Unbelievable and stupid


When the psycho ward is a better choice……..


I remember reading that when an Israelite took a woman as a spoil of war, he wasn't to have sex with her or marry her for a year. This was to ensure that she was not pregnant by another man.


The term, "bible science" is the most moron oxymoron of them all.


Oh, FFS!!

Now Gator, it makes perfect sense...if one is a Bronze Age goatherder with a room temperature IQ. Then it's science!

@Sgt_Spanky Sub-Zero I.Q. imo.

@Sgt_Spanky umm I am a goat herder, just saying......

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