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LINK Jim Bakker to Court: Selling a Fake COVID Cure is Part of My “Religious Freedom” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Much like how in the 1980's he went to prison for over selling condo time shares, as a part of his religious freedom... for which he went to prison for.

snytiger6 9 May 4

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Jail his ass


I hope he never gets out this time


Bakker needs to go to prison for selling a fake cure for covid.


If is america.... he got a point!!!


To be fair, Pfizer is selling a fake COVID cure, and made $3.5 billion in the first quarter of 2021.

BDair Level 7 May 4, 2021

They’ve never presented it as a cure. No more than Viagra is a cure for ED. Both are just temporary preventatives.

We try to stick with FACTS here. You might want to join

A true 'vaccine' prevents infection and spread of a illness. The 'Covid' vaccines do neither.

Don't say!

@BDair There's no such thing as a "true vaccine" if you think it prevents infection. Vaccines are INTENDED to prevent infection/spread of x, y, z, but there's never been a vaccine that prevents 100% of infection/spreading of x, y, z.

If a vaccine were to 100% prevent spread, it would be a "cure" not a "vaccine" ... technically speaking.

We have NO clue what the COVID vaccines do or do not do. We won't know that for another decade or more. Until the anti-vaxers jacked up a working situation with measles, we were pretty certain measles vaccines were working. Now we KNOW the vaccines were working because dumbasses stopped vaccinating and the measles are a thing again.


@BDair proof???????????? Real and scientific.
Go stand with the goddies, they have more messages for you.

Proof the vaccines do not prevent infection. []

@BDair FYI and enlightenment, Vaccinations do NOT either "Prevent" nor "Stop the Spread of Infections, etc, etc."
Vaccines/Vaccinations STIMULATE the natural and in-born body mechanisms to create Anti-bodies specific to that version/variety of Infective Agent and also help the Body Immune System to 'REMEMBER' how to make more Anti-bodies when and IF they are needed in the future.
Now, speaking here on a person to person basis ONLY and OFFERING up my own personal opinion, IF you obtain/obtained your Medical Knowledge SOMEHOW then imo, you MAY wish to try reading something OTHER than the backs of Cereal Boxes.

@BitFlipper Or, imo, learn the art/talent/skill of engaging the Brain BFORE putting the MOUTH into gear.
Would you not agree given @BDairs most ridiculously, unfounded and , imo, idiotic comment?

By definition....

@Triphid I was going to say something like that but you and others have stated it better than I could.

@BDair Medical Definition, A Vaccine/Vaccination is GIVEN to stimulate the Human Immuno-response System to produce Anti-bodies specific to the Infective Agent it IS designed for BUT does not AUTOMATICALLY produce actual Immunity PARTICULARLY when it comes to Viruses that can quickly adapt and evolve such as Ebola, S.A.R.S, Covid -19 , etc, etc, since the Human Auto-immune System cannot adapt or evolve as they do.
Vaccinations for diseases caused by Bacterial Infections are, however, more able to produce either a Long-Term ( 5 -20+ years) or in some case, a Life-time Immunity AFTER a set COURSE of follow-up vaccinations has been done, i.e. Infant/Child Immunisations against Measles, Whopping Cough, etc.
Vaccines such those now being given for Influenza and Covid-19 for example, ONLY Mitigate/Lessen that chances of getting the disease and mitigate/lessen the severity of the symptoms.


Yes, prison is the perfect place for people that harm others even if they justify their actions by talking about their fake freedom.


Oh not to worry……..there’s still lots of sheep willing to go along.

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