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LINK Among Mormon Women, Frank Talk About Sacred Underclothes

In the Mormon church there is "sacred underwear" for both men and women.

snytiger6 9 July 22

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My ex-husband converted to to mormonism last year. Wonder if he's into the wearing of the sacred underwear, haha, but not curious enough to ask. Would hate to hike in long undergarments! Agree, private parts need to breathe once in a while, otherwise unhealthy to be bound up all the time. Makes the loose flowy robes worn during Jesus' time and the Mu'umu'us the missionaries put on the Hawaiians seem to be a better alternative as religious clothing.


So stupid.
Just like everything else about religion.


Oh let me guess…….men who wear pink are “Evil” and women who wear black are “whores”.

These people probably believe Doctor Seuss was a brain surgeon.

No, it is even crazier and funnier than that. They have to wear special long pants and vests, a lot like winter thermals all year round. They are supposed to be sacred temple garments, so that they are in the temple all the time.


I have holy underwear too but there's nothing spiritual or magical about my approach.

Holy holey wholly


Such an inane thing. If I remember correctly, Mitt Romney refused to even acknowledge a question on his undies.

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