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I love Halloween. I used to make costumes for my kids, and love to do funny or obscure things (ref: Sheldon Cooper as the Doppler Effect; I once went as a TV test pattern [yes, I know some of you have no idea what that is. Sigh.].).

Although I won't be at a party this year, I love to dress up to greet trick or treaters. Witch or evil medieval queen are my go-to options, but I'd like to mix it up this year.

So, here's where you come in. Yes, i know it's early (and no, I don't put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, I just need time to conceptualize, design, and make it if needed.), but I'm looking for ideas.

Ever have a costume idea that you thought was great, but you weren't sure how to pull off, or just didn't have the time? Hit me - let's see if we can bring your idea to life!

NYTrink 6 Aug 3

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Zombie jesus.


I've wanted to be Old Greg for years! I can do the voice quite well, but wouldn't know where to start for the costume.


I once met a lady who ran a hair salon in a suburb of Seattle.
Her full size white poodles started out as pumpkins for Halloween but it wasn't long before they branched out into other holidays -- Christmas, St. Valentine's Day and so forth. You just never knew what they'd do next.

I never got a chance to ask the dogs what they thought of the whole thing but I suspect they enjoyed the attention. Ha, ha.🙂


Actually, I like the test pattern, perhaps from the twilight zone.


I once went as a glob of toothpaste. I had a light blue asbestos removal suit, and mixed blue and white makeup to match for my face. I had to tell people what I was, and I was terrified of being stopped by the police in light-blue makeup.

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