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LINK Reasons for Vaccine Optimism -- People are complicated

So this is what we've come to?

People are speculating that we could trick anti-vaxxers into getting the shot by telling them it would 'own the libs'.

We have a very large portion of our population that are such poor thinkers that they must be treated like children -- they're incapable of rational discussion.

RichCC 7 Aug 3

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The Conservatives have asked this question for a long time... If God told me something and the government is telling me another, who should I listen to?

It looks very stupid to us but for people who are deeply brainwashed and have lost free thinking, it is a huge dilemma. We see many things clearly, they cannot. That's the place where the tolerance for child marriages, priest abuse, marital rape, other rapes and still not allowing abortion comes from. It is a dark world. For them, everything against what is told and taught since childhood and in the church is Satan.

I think the real root of the problem is not them or the religious with their stupidity. It is us, we are not doing doing our jobs even we are in power and control. We are timid, we are afraid, we are hesitating and often we are too nice. We are the government that does not have the guts to not allow the religious ignorance and interference to fester for decades, we do not discontinue all funding to and oppression by the church, prosecute everything wrong done in the name of religion, not separate state from religion as the Constitution requires. We do not put our foot down and tell them the freedom to rights and freedom to wrongs under the pretext of rights are not the same thing. We see the wrongs, we know what is causing the harm, we went to war with them over the wrong notions held by the Conservatives, or children then died for the cause but we still allow them to fester and gather strength. Why?

China is not wasting strengths on religion in any way. They are focused on progress and have lifted more people out of poverty than any nation in recent centuries of history. If the Western democracy is so weak to stop threats to human progress, we should be like China. I want more progress and can let some rights go. I want a large hospital to come up and be ready in 48 hours like China did in Wuhan. Now China has again locked Wuhan down and suspended resident passports with the Delta variant spread. People like DeSantis will be in jail there in 6 hours.


Many are just covering up for their childhood fear of needles. Many have no critical thinking skills. And many are just hopelessly stupid.


My last customers who weren't vaccinated told me they just hadn't got around to it. I had a little sympathy for them since they both worked in Texas where there are very few restrictions and they were young and healthy and had two kids five and seven. I did not have enough sympathy for them to let them stay in my Airbnb. I told them that our CVSs had walk-in appointments and hope there's did too.


Those who waited are now dying, bad move others were misled by their politicians, shouldn't have voted for them basically bad decisions all around


Saw this in the news this morning. This couple were waiting one year just to see how people were reacting to the vaccine. Big mistake. He was 39.

I Should Have Gotten The Damn Vaccine -


The turn of events we're witnessing makes me think we should give up trying to vaccinate. 97% of those hospitalized and dying are unvaccinated, and vaccinated people can spread it with a super low likelihood of getting any ill effects themselves. It appears this problem is self-solving.

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