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In the last few years I've incorporated intermittent fasting and longer, extended fasts into my lifestyle. Extended fasts are part of all ancient cultures and religious practices, and for good reason.

This video provides a good overview of what happens in your body as you do an extended fast. A little wonky at times, but easy to follow. FWIW, I ate yesterday morning at 10:00AM and will not eat again until Friday. (I am posting this on Tuesday morning.)

I hope you find it useful.

Mitch07102 8 Aug 3

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To each their own.


Fasting is not always an appropriate or safe practice.
People should always discuss this with their doctors first.

Agreed, though in fairness the same can be said of most things. Having said that, make sure your physician is fasting-knowledgable. Most are not, and also tend to be dated in their knowledge of nutrition.

@Mitch07102 Most MDs only get about 2 hours of nutritional training.

Fasting has many benefits. I have been doing fasts for over 15 years, usually 2 to 3 days per month, even on a number of occasions doing 4 days. MD Doctors will argue that it’s “unsafe” because of the side effects it may produce.

In my experience my first fasts produced certain side affects, such as sniffling, and very mild chills. But that is normal because by nature your body temperature drops approx. 8-12 degrees during a fast. and they were also because I was using more organic fruits than vegetables and especially citrus ones, have more sugars in them than the vegetables I was mixing them with. But I solved that by using more veggies and less fruits while using a Jack LaLanne juicing machine.

Side effects also occur because the toxins your cleansing yourself of made you sick in the past, so it’s only going to cause that by going thru your system again. But that’s nothing to be alarmed about, very often these side effects do not last longer than 5 to 15 min.

@Mitch07102 my doctor has been intermittent fasting for 2 years. I tried and may try again but I was definitely unsuccessful the first time.

@Lorajay Good luck. The health benefits are worth the short-term discomfort.


That might work for those that have 'extra reserves' but some, as I, don't have those reserves. That said there is such a thing as intermittent fast. I always go at least 12 hours from the end of my last meal to the start of my first. Also, almost never any snacks and if so it is usually a piece of fruit.

It is rare that someone can't fast on occasion.


I fast myself and the health benefits are amazing.

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