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Living alone has its perks. Like one of those perks is that clothing is optional when you’re at home. There’s something truly exhilarating about running the vacuum or cooking dinner nude. Although I’ve learned that frying chicken and bacon is best done with at the very least......underpants.....carry on.

Buck 6 Sep 14

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You don't have to live alone to go without clothes. A former partner and I used to go naked regularly, especially in the summer. The only downside was that she found that she had a very easy way of getting my attention when wanted, by grabbing me by the spare part and giving a sharp pull, and she had eye wateringly rough hands. But she thought it was hugely funny.


User name checks out.

No need to check me out mate, I’m straight.....😯

@Buck relax. If possible.


I've always enjoyed clothing-free living, and only raised girls, so everyone was scattered around the house in various stages of nakedness, and we never thought to close a door.

Now that I live alone, that hasn't changed, and I don't see why it would when I have a partner. But while frying? Yes. 😊


At my place I can see out but you cannot see in. Living alone I'm usually naked or just wearing a T shirt. If someone comes to the door there is a handy robe I can grab before letting them in.

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