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The Supreme Court is not a “ Dangerous Cabal§” according to the right wing fascists judges who are acting out this overt conspiracy over us with complete support of the wealthy and their corporations to hold total dominion over the people of this country!!!

These Supreme Court judges are committing crimes against the people of this country wholesale to secure a Fascist government run by wealthy white supremacists and their corporations!!!

Funny how these male Supreme Court members are favoring the wealthy and their corporations over the Rights and Freedom’s of the people of this Country!!!

It is not too late to stop and eliminate all of these Radicalized obstructionist Republicans fascists from all levels of Government, the Judicial, and the Courts!!!

We are reaching the tipping point sooner than most of us even realize!!!

The point of No Return is being delivered slowly right before our eyes!!!

of-the-mountain 8 Oct 13

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