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More bullshit from the conservative atheists..... I repost this because if anyone dares to call them out on their asinine bullshit the poor little butthurt pussies block you

the 2020 presidential election was likely bought. Posted in conservative atheists group

Redneckliberal 7 Oct 13

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Oh, they TRIED to steal the election but they failed. I'm concerned that they might succeed next time.


Bullshit is all they have left in their arsenal, that and hypocrisy. They have blocked me from their group twice for calling them out. There are low IQ atheists too.

They should'nt be able to block anyone for correcting their lies.... Is the so called admin on this site part of the butthurt crowd?.....

@Redneckliberal Sometimes I believe they are.


I figured that out a while ago. I use to check in to see what they had to say. I found it a total waste of time and stopped. Their comfort loop of they are right and the libs are evil has not changed.


Sorry, I can not see a link.


I was at level 8 with my former account when One of the Nut Jobs had them pitch me off the site .

GEGR Level 7 Oct 13, 2021

Serves ya right for even apptempting to educate or share the facts. JUST kidding. 🙂 I use to check out the site to see what they were up to. Not worth it, they have not changed. Besides I have an idential twin who is a retired tool and die maker and she totally believes the election was full of fraud, the sky dude is real and the liberals all want free stuff from the rich working people.

@silverotter11 Funny that, Nut Jobs in all Families . Also interesting that she ( your sister ) is a Tool and Die Maker . I am a retired Tool and Die Maker ( 43 Years ) .

@GEGR She worked for General Motors at the Trenton plant. Her husband was also a Tool and Die maker at the same plant.
She is against single payer healthcare, does not want or trust the government involved in her health care BUT the only reason she has great health care in retirement is because of the Unions she is now against.
If our Dad was alive he would be truly puzzled by her thinking. Hell he was puzzled back when he was alive. 😁 Dad was a Union promoter, an ex-Catholic and an atheist.


This from the idiots that still deny the Mueller Report, which went easy by not delving into any of Trump's finances. They no longer have standing to participate.


Bullshit. Yup! what do we cream?


Truth be told, most elections the last few decades have been "bought" by corporate interests.
Rather than be stuck in the past both political persuasions should be looking to the future. That would be nice.

Well the corporate influence in politics was effectively enshrined into our system by the creation of the Senate itself....

Why wait so long to reprise sedition?

Deflecting the corporate interest at a de facto slow running cool attempt and in progress second attempt.. seems a bit dubious.

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