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If there is a god, this woman is going to hell: Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces bill to award Congressional Gold Medal to Rittenhouse


Gwendolyn2018 8 Nov 24

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We've had a lot on our news in the UK about this case. We cannot see how this young man isn't doing serious time in prison for what would be an open and shut criminal act over here.
For myself as a very recent gun owner (I've owned guns since I was 18, and only gave them up very recently) I kept my muskets under tight control. It's what we do over here, and some unrest in the streets break out locally, my concern would be ensuring my guns were properly secure and ammunition kept away from said guns in case of break in. I would not be heading out as a vigilante looking to shoot people.
As a European I just cannot get my head around his thoughts other than he was a psychopath looking for a grand shootout.

As an American, I also cannot get my head around his thoughts or that of the judicial system. The pasty, doughy faced guy is a murderer.


Next thing, a Medal of Honor for Trump 😟

I hate that I can no longer consider that as impossible as I once may have. 😔

You are right about that!


I know a lot of women here hate the word, but you can't deny MTG is a raging CUNT! That is the best thing I can say about her.

I abstain from using that word, but it best describes this . . . woman.


Wow.... have Republicans become so batshit crazy that they'll now start rewarding criminals for killing people? What next? Mass shooters will be given parades?

MTG has been batshit crazy for years!


Is anyone in Congress emptier than M. T. “Empty” Greene?i

Maybe Beavis Gaetz--MTG and he should have gotten married (but not have bred).


The insanity has officially boiled over. Stop the world...I want to get off.

You and me both. If it weren't so cold in the Himalayas, I would start a pagan nunnery there.

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