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I miss Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben too.

Gemini-1947 7 Nov 24

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Frankly, I never understood how the “Indian maiden” had anything to do with butter in the first place. But my family was loyal to the brand for all of my childhood and most of my adult years. I switched to Kerry Gold Irish-style butter around 1999, because the cows are grass fed. My food loyalties now are all related to the absence of toxins.




We used to cut them out and fold them strategically. The joys of childhood.

Haha... I remember doing that too.

Did that too. The real old packaging where the maiden was kneeling and holding the butter package. Cut out the knees, tape behind, and cut a flap around the butter package. Grade school first peep show.

@Mark013 We didn’t cut out the knees, we folded twice…it was a skill.

When I was a little kid we used to get butter from the milkman. Breakstone it was called. Never actually heard of Land O Lakes back then.


Same here. Political correctness can be a powerful force, and both political extremes are subject to such.

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