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Fascist Oath Keepers’ Leader Stewart Rhodes Gets 18 Years for ‘Seditious Conspiracy’

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years in prison Thursday in the first punishment to be handed down for “seditious conspiracy” in the Jan 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. Speaking to the court before his sentencing, Rhodes, who actually has a JD from Yale (Doctor of Jurisprudence), told the court that his only crime was "opposing those who are destroying our country" and contrasting the Oath Keepers with Antifa, who "will throw bleach, urine, and other substances you don't want in your eyes.” Then adding, “Antifa will stab people,” before portraying his conviction as part of a left-wing plot that included the Biden administration, the media, and anti-fascist activists.

Yes, but other than that, I'm pretty sure he feels remorseful about everything. Now, not to be critical, but I’m guessing after a speech like the one he gave in court, he’s unlikely to be someone who gets released early for “good behavior.” Of course, for those deeply concerned about the poor guy, there’s really no need to fret. Rhodes will be just fine. Both Trump and DeSantis have already promised to pardon him and all the Jan 6th insurrectionists just as soon as they’re elected, so expect Rhodes to end up with a primetime slot on either Fox or Newsmax.
Anyway, so we have Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes - “in a shocking tale about how all ‘Rhodes’ lead from Yale to jail, with no mail or bail. You see, you didn’t prevail with your traitorous betrayal, so your friggin’ ship of hate - will never sail.” Too bad, too, because the guy thought he had a “good eye” for how to lead an insurrection and a coup d'état. Of course, the real irony is that Rhodes went to Yale - and now his prison cell door will likely be secured by a Yale lock.

Oh well, look on the bright side Stewart; at least you got off better than some of your other traitor pals like Ashli Babbitt. That said, I do have to give Babbitt some credit for being able to completely beat COVID - with only “one shot.” The thing is, and what I find hard to wrap my head around, is, “Can you imagine having to spend 18 years in prison for Donald Trump?” Well, now our friend Stewart Rhodes can. Turns out he just has a good eye for that kind of stuff.”

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johnnyrobish 8 May 26
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You are a fuckwit for mocking Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed veteran who was the only death that day. Perhaps do some fact checking too fuckwit, as Trump never said he would pardon all, only the non-violent ones. Absolute piece of shit for making fun of a dead veteran, Mother and woman unable to defend herself. Did your patriotic arse watch the POTUS attending the funeral of the police officer who died Jan 6th? No you didn't because he didn't die that day. It was just a pomp and ceremony show for dickheads.
Weak as piss.

puff Level 8 May 26, 2023

@Garban Nothing heroic about her death. I just find it sad and as I said, any making fun of her demise are fuckwits. A real shame the person in charge of the Capital building security rejected all offers for additional security that day as a decent police presence would have protected all.
No doubt this Oath Keeper dude deserves jail time, no need to celebrate this womans death though. It's just sad.

@Garban I agree, she was shot as a message. A person climbing through a window has all hands occupied and was not an immediate threat to the officer. I would propose a discharge into the air with a clear warning would have had the desired result without loss of life.
Politicians always blame security so they can give themselves more power. They were on the ball when a year later a mourning Mother attempted to lay flowers to honour her daughter. The sad thing with America atm is if it was a white officer and a pretty black girl the subsequent response would have been different regarding the same incident.
I was harsh is my response to this post but bringing up her death was not relevant to old one eye getting sentenced and my aim was that the poster may think twice before posting next time. I found this sentence "That said, I do have to give Babbitt some credit for being able to completely beat COVID - with only “one shot.” a bit much.

She's a fucking terrorist and a fascist. I'm a US Army vet and I'd spit on her grave. She's a disgrace to our country. May she rot in hell.

@johnnyrobish The Democrat party are the fascists. They, the mob, were there for the right reason but the wrong excuse. Vote tally machines were not the issue (even though other countries don't use the dodgy things), but FBI interference with social media certainly swayed the election. 51 former spooks who lied so Biden could claim innocence in the debate are the disgrace to your country for influencing the election. Hillary Clinton and Obama starting all the Russia collusion bullshit is a disgrace to your country. These are your fascists, they rig elections.
Trump Derangement Syndrome runs deep.


Once a murderous asshole, always a murderous asshole.

anglophone Level 9 May 26, 2023

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