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All I want for Xmas!


By Snickers77
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Kitties are good. I recently lost my Kitty... a 19 year companion. I got two kitties, Bonnie and Clyde. They can’t replace Kitty; but, they do fill a large gap in my home. They are my Christmas present to me.

Rob1948 Level 6 Dec 4, 2018

A never-ending box of kittens!

GinaKay Level 7 Dec 4, 2018

I have one now, not a kitten but a cat. I'd like more but really can't afford anymore.

Alvinsmama Level 7 Dec 4, 2018

@Snickers77 I had five at one time a few years ago. Luckily, they all got along. The thing about cats is that they can be healthy for a long time but when they get sick, they usually get really sick. That's when the expense comes in.


Right now, just one, and not yet. smile003.gif

Hathacat Level 8 Dec 4, 2018

Me too.

Booklover Level 7 Dec 4, 2018

I want one....or two.....or three.....or...........

Lilac-Jade Level 8 Dec 4, 2018

LOL, I would love it, but all I can think is OMG the trouble, and the CUTE, and the trouble!!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Dec 4, 2018

Well said

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