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This is my kitty, Machine Gun Daisy. His original name was Daisy until we discovered she was a he. So, I toughened his name up a little. Hehe. I'm also making fun of a rapper on the slick.

By HiFiGuy
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My she also turned out to be a he. Luckily, I named him Munchie, so that works either way. smile001.gif

Kynlei Level 6 Dec 21, 2018

That's an awesome name!

Thank you! My mom raised him and his siblings and he was always a food hog. He also chewed on my fingers when I first met him. I thought Munchie was appropriate. smile001.gif


handsome fella

pixiedust Level 8 Dec 21, 2018

Why, thank you! I like being called handsome. Happy solstice to you! - MGD

@HiFiGuy I'm always truthful smile009.gif And happy solstice to you, too smile002.gif



SKH78 Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

He's gorgeous and he has a bad ass name!

orange_girl Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

Looks content

RobertNappi2 Level 8 Dec 21, 2018

Cute name, cute kitty.

itsmedammit Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

Good lookin' animal!

phxbillcee Level 9 Dec 21, 2018

Good name and cute cat.

Hathacat Level 8 Dec 21, 2018

Thank you! I hate my name, BTW. I make biscuits on his face while he's sleeping as revenge. Stupid human. - Daisy


Oh that face. 😍

purcascade Level 5 Dec 20, 2018

Thank you! smile001.gif


Could be Jaisy, or Blaisy

Lilac-Jade Level 8 Dec 20, 2018

Well, I usurped his previous owner which was my little sister. By then, it was too late and the name Daisy was permanent. I also added the first part because I am making fun of this ridiculous "hip-hop/rap" artist named Machine Gun Kelly who acts like he's tough but he's really not. Daisy also tries to act tough but he's really just a big cuddle buddy. So, the addendum to his name has two purposes. Thanks for looking and commenting!


Better to change the name rather than the gender lol

Cutiebeauty Level 9 Dec 20, 2018

well, they almost always get "neutered" anyway, tho that doesn't really change the gender. A boy still acts like a boy & a girl like a girl, well, most of the time. There are always exceptions!

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