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Don Jr’s Angry Rant About the Press Asking Biden a Weightlifting Question

In an angry video rant uploaded to social media, Donald Trump Jr. blasted a correspondent who asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki what Don Jr. concluded was a “softball” question about Biden's practice of lifting weights. To that point, an outraged Don Jr. sarcastically noted that “we all know Biden can't walk up the stairs of Air Force One without falling over!” He then went on to claim that no one in the press corps would ever ask his father such an easy question about workouts.

Well there Junior, my guess is - the reason no one ever asked your father about weightlifting or his workouts, is because most people don’t consider tweeting, watching cable news, or eating buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken - as a real workout. After all, there is a difference between “heavy lifting” and “heavy farting.”

Of course, to be completely fair, any time Trump moves his body - he is lifting one helluva lot of weight. That said, my advice to Don Jr. is - perhaps there are more important issues you and your grifter family ought to be concerned with, other than President Biden’s exercise routine - like maybe a Manhattan District grand jury? Time to lawyer up my friend. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might wanna take it a little easy on the nose candy too!


johnnyrobish 8 May 26
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Your wry wit is most amusing.

Thanks my friend!


Jr better get ahold of the prosecutor before dad throws him under the bus.

glennlab Level 10 May 26, 2021

You have that right Glenn.

Junior will not do that because he is too afraid of daddy.

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