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When in Las Vegas, a fellow diner (also from Texas said that he didn't believe the federal government or state should mandate mask wearing. I had the duty to tell him that every mask mandate in Texas was enacted by either a mayor or county commissioner. The conversation switched to sports after that.

glennlab 9 Aug 1
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They can never admit when they are wrong. I don't know how anyone could stand being married to someone like that. Must be the attractions of money and power.


Good on you!

BirdMan1 Level 8 Aug 3, 2021

That shit is happening here in Iowa. Our Repub governor, Covid Kim is refusing to let school districts require masks or provide only online learning. So much for the longtime Repub policy in our state of local control. They also oppose local control when the citizens or county government try to limit or prevent the building of huge hog lots. But they refuse to ever see or admit hypocrisy in any of that.

Forcing children to concentrate moist breath and inhale screened particulates IS INSANE any adult who wears a mask more than 4 minutes harms themselves.... fake female Kim Reynolds is an incompetent guv but is correct protecting children

Republicans have a serious allergic reaction to the idea of admitting any sort of mistake, or hypocrisy.


You probably know this, several years ago the city of Dallas banned plastic grocery bags. Of course Rick Perry and Republicans said hold on there Chester, we think not.

Sierra4 Level 7 Aug 1, 2021

Our forward thing Govn', wouldn't know a good idea if we shoved it up his ass, or fell on him like a tree.

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