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Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about Republicans rejecting democracy....

phxbillcee 9 Aug 2
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I fear Sectarian Civil War is upon us, due to Rethuglican distain for Democracy
and Mod Dems willingly turning a blind eye in the name of nonexistent Bipartisanship..

Charlene Level 9 Aug 2, 2021

I am worried that we will have a civil war, they do not what they want and if they did get power they have no idea what to do with it. This would make Hitler and Stalin look like boy Scouts.


We have long had the joke that the Russians would sell us the rope with which we'd hang ourselves.

The Republicans sold out to the Evangelicals who are very easily manipulated, and up till Reagan, had shrank away from politics. They became engaged, and lowered the collective political IQ by 25 points (my guess).

The truth is that democracy doesn't work unless the society is reasonably well informed. Evangelicals are obviously delusional and place patriotism LAST, AFTER loyalty to the pulpit, to the party, to their race. Part of their psychosis is a complete disregard for truth, so their real loyalty to the Country is easily set aside; they scarcely understand the democratic principles the country stands for, as Beau points out.

racocn8 Level 8 Aug 2, 2021

To bad we don’t have people like Beau in our Government…..😉



Charlene Level 9 Aug 2, 2021

Beau has it right

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 2, 2021

He always does!

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