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Congresswoman Karen Bass and the Will to Intervene

Congresswoman Karen Bass is running for mayor of Los Angeles. She's also Vice Chair of the NED, the CIA's soft power arm. She epitomizes everythng that is wrong with the Black political class.

Some will no doubt say it doesn’t matter what Bass has done at NED or in Congress because she’s running against Rick Caruso, a billionaire developer and make-believe Democrat. (Caruso is a Republican who changed his registration to run in the blue coastal city.) But what kind of choice is that? I’m not here to tell Angelenos how to vote, but they might as well know what they’re likely to get.


{Before considering what a Mayor Karen Bass might do, let’s consider what the National Endowment for Democracy, whose board she vice chairs, does. Founded by Ronald Reagan and his CIA Director William Casey in 1983—after the Church Committee hearings exposed the covert misdeeds of the CIA, FBI, IRS, and NSA—NED is a bipartisan organization that works to co-opt rather than coerce targets of US imperialism.

A map of “Where NED Works ” indicates that they manifest on all continents but North America and Australia, and not in Western Europe. Apparently, the assumption is that we and the rest of the West have such a surplus of democracy that we’re compelled to offload it on the world through 2000 or so NGOs a year.}

Essentially what happened was that there was a fear of American people growing tired of learning how the CIA operated around the world. So, when Reagan took office his administration came up with an agenda to combat the Vietnam syndrome of protest and opposition that came from that previous period as they were about to inject a perpetual warring agenda in Latin America, called perception management. Which still continues today, spear headed by various NGO groups who essentially now can operate in a public manor using deception while the CIA works totally in the shadows. Robert Parry explains this in the following article describing how it still works today. []

It worked with Iraq and was the initiating structure that began in 2013 leading to the Ukraine issue. It's the very reason we have a large section of our populace who are blindly accepting the funding and support of a major fascist war on the Donbass regions in eastern Ukraine. Deceptively being fooled into demonizing Russia and Putin who finally decided after 8 years to come to their defense when he couldn't get the UN to expose the crimes of an illegal overthrow of a Ukrainian president in 2014 and the civil war that came with it. Of course, also opposing NATO expansion in which is an ultimate goal for western governments at the expense of all of Ukrainian's and world economy. Everyone is paying a high price here!

A number of these NGO's, along with a major billionaire we all should know the name of, George Soros, kicked off a major funding and information war campaign around 2013 in Ukraine to kick start a color revolution that lead to mass protest and the overthrow. These groups funded the training of various fascist groups throughout the country towards violent protest which were being hyped up by collaborate politicians from inside Ukraine and outside lead by the Obama Biden administration. They also helped to fund multiple news and information networks to incite hostilities towards acceptance of the fascist ideology about to take over the government and opposing citizenship in the Donbass regions and Crimea. These news and information organizations are currently responsible for a massive fake news agenda coming out of Ukraine today. That is what these groups do in place of the CIA. The results below which I ofter refer to as the essential murdering of our own families.

{You might think that the American public would begin to rebel against these messy entangling alliances with the 1984-like demonizing of one new “enemy” after another. Not only have these endless wars drained trillions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayers, they have led to the deaths of thousands of U.S. troops and to the tarnishing of America’s image from the attendant evils of war, including a lengthy detour into the “dark side” of torture, assassinations and “collateral” killings of children and other innocents.}

Lets move on.

{What do Africans do in the Western mind? They get sick, they die, they suffer famines, they huddle in refugee camps, and of course they kill each other. These tragedies are commonly caused by unacknowledged Western manipulations for agendas having to do with resource control and strategic positioning, but only a small number of elite and deeply sinister minds know that. Hence “Africa, Global Health, and Global Human Rights.”

In 2014, President Obama sent Karen Bass to Rwanda for the 20-year commemoration of the 1994 genocide in a delegation led by Africa’s Problem from Hell , arch interventionist Samantha Power. Power was there to confirm the historically inaccurate, decontextualized, and grossly oversimplified misinterpretation of the Rwandan Genocide that she built her career on

The world “stood by” and let the Rwandan Genocide happen, she wails, so it must never stand by again. We must be “upstanders,” as in Libya and Syria, not bystanders, as in Rwanda, where we failed in our moral duty to stop the world’s dark-skinned, backward peoples from massacring one another over ethnic difference.

And Karen Bass, as Chair of the House Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa, was along for the ride. Throughout her career on the committee, she has supported Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s totalitarian president and world class w ar criminal , who has justified 28 years of dictatorial, faux democratic rule on the false claim that he stopped the genocide, lifted Rwanda from the ashes, and must never let anything like the genocide happen again. Many well-researched books have now deconstructed this false narrative}

😟 In keeping with her support for Rwanda, Bass has supported the fundamentals of the paternalistic, interventionist agenda. On March 29, 2011, she issued A Humanitarian Crisis, An International Response , a press release expressing her wholehearted support for Obama’s war on Libya 😟

William_Mary 8 July 24
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