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LINK Obamacare coverage mandate blocked for preventative care for HIV, cancer, diabetes and depression | Reuters

1.) It's NOT "Obamacare"'; and
2.) STOP killing people for 15 minutes of fame amongst Republicans.

This cult member just destroyed screening for cancer and diabetes (among other things.)

This is the pre-cursor that's been warned about since 2009. And with the current SCOTUS in the building, it's going to be an uphill battle in the Courts to salvage MITT ROMNEY-CARE (ie: The Affordable Care Act/"Obamacare".)



SeaGreenEyez 9 Mar 30
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Yup Everytthing Is Bigger in Texas, especially Assholes..

Charlene Level 9 Mar 30, 2023

When will the dumb, blind and stupid Americans wake up to the reality the republican party is not about freedom but taking as many freedoms away as they can?

jackjr Level 7 Mar 30, 2023

This might shake them up a little. Probably not in the way we would hope. 😉

Best day in years. 👍👍👍


Ummmm Never..

@SeaGreenEyez When people get something taken away that has been an important part of their lives they will respond. Even though conservatives are usually hypocrites they will be upset. The old ploy about blaming others won't work here. Sooner or later the republican enablers will start to see a picture emerging of where their 'boys' are taking all of us.

@SeaGreenEyez Got to talking with my barber. He said Medicaid is his sole health insurance and things would be really tough without it (like most of us here he is not a tRump fan). He said he only has to hold out 6 months and then he will be eligible for Medicare.

@jackjr here in Indiana, like Massachusetts, Mitt Romney's plan has been active for decades. (which is, of course, the ACA.) You're only uninsured here if you've been naughty and lying to the State about wages or you don't want to be insured. Before 2010 and the ACA, Indiana was a rare instance of "no person left behind" for health insurance. I had excellent private coverage always. The State covered deductibles. We had universal health care before it was called that. It's different now. Corporate greed and Republicans are in charge. Medicaid is so seriously valuable that I know people, getting a little older, that live near poverty just so they can have health care without 5 or 10K deductibles. They have left 50K yearly jobs because Medicaid covers more than private insurance without the ridiculous deductibles. 😞😣

It's gross. Work all your life here. Pence rolls into the governor's mansion and those monsters chainsawed one of the best healthcare systems in America. Now it's just shit. Until you're 65 you better have 5-10K for deductibles or you better only make $1,457.00 a month so you can have Medicaid. Once you're 65,you can have both. And you might get some half decent care.

@SeaGreenEyez And one would think people like these would understand where the republican party has and is taking them and vote accordingly.

@jackjr That's the ridiculous part. It simply does not compute. #smh


Our health care system is incredibly immoral.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 30, 2023

It's deadly. Which must be some sort of sick/twisted rightwing private joke that the rest of us don't find all. 😠

Until the reagan years Health care was non-profit, things like food were considered a commodity. In example, a loaf of bread was priced at "Fair Market Value". This loaf of bread cost me a quarter to make, and I need another quarter to pay my employees, I'll charge .75 cents. The reagan republiscum decide , to hell with that, people don't have to ea, I got mine. And food and fuel pricing went to "Market bear pricing". In example, I'm going to price this loaf of bread at 5.00 and when people stop buying it, I'll lower the price.

@MerlinZap Actually, it was Nixon in 1973. Reagan fucked up other things, like The Fairness Doctrine, but this one was on Nixon.

@Sticks48 Oh, well, I spent that year going around the world on a Guided Missile Destroyer. But I remember the pricing change under Reagan.

@MerlinZap l Googled it to make sure of the year. I had read this before.


Oh, they'll screen the fuck outta cholesterol, which has never been an issue for any of the members of my family. Diabetes and cancer on the other hand are an issues and they won't even consider an a1c. I just put in a request for at least the regular one they do, I haven't had 1 in 2 years.
and do not even get me started on advocating for myself!! Treated like I'm a complete fucking idiot.
I even had the neurology evaluation and I aced that long test thing they do.
I don't think the medical profession appreciates people asking questions and now due to covid so many have left the profession it's getting even more difficult to see someone if you do have a problem.


It's as if they're competing to see who can be cruelest!🤬

Indeed!!!! It's just shameful AF. 🤬

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