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LINK Florida: Arrests to follow regardless of legal gender status

Well. WTF. 😳😳😳 House Bill 1521 is literally frightening.

This is insane. Media literally had no idea or chose to NOT mention just exactly what all was happening in Florida.

In as short-form as possible, here's what's now "law" (term used loosely, as none of this is Constitutionally legal):

One law expands β€œDon’t Say Gay” to the 12th grade, bans books, and bans updating pronouns, making transition in a school environment much more difficult. Another uses obscenity laws to potentially target drag events, which has already led to pride parades being cancelled.

House Bill 1521 will effectively give second-class citizen status to transgender people in Florida. The wording of the bill states that if a cisgender person is in the bathroom with a transgender person, an employee can tell the transgender person to leave. Should the transgender person not leave immediately for any reason, they will be charged with criminal trespass, which can carry sentences of up to 1 year in jail.
This includes all buildings owned or leased by any governmental entity, educational institutions spanning from elementary schools to private colleges and universities, numerous hospitals owned by universities, many sports arenas, convention centers, city parks, beaches, airports, and more.

Senate Bill 254 bans gender affirming care for trans youth and bans nurse practitioners from providing gender affirming care to trans adults. SPEKTRUM Health, a provider in Florida, has indicated in an exclusive interview with Erin In The Morning that up to 80% of all gender care in the state is provided by nurse practitioners – a statistic in line with information provided by Planned Parenthood.

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 17
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I can't even come up with words sufficient to describe DeSantis and his ignorant hate-filled knuckle-dragging followers. I hope every business and vacationer avoids Florida and the remaining sane people flee to other states. Let Florida become a trash heap of bigots and morons.

None of these bills make any damned sense. Utterly pointless.

But what scares me is that DeSantis is running for president in 2024. If he wins he'll spread this bullshit insanity to the entire country.


Floduh is now DeathSantistan..

Charlene Level 9 May 17, 2023

When all teachers and medical professionals leave this banana republic they'll realize (maybe) what they allowed to happen.

Organist1 Level 8 May 17, 2023

They're already losing their agri/construction/ service workers due to new immigration law..

@Charlene I hope they come to PA, where we lost many farm workers during the ICE raids of tRump's presidency.

@Charlene I saw. 400k to 600k undocumented workers are in Florida and most aren't showing up for work now. Add to that, there is a Latino truckers strike.


The polling numbers for DeathSantis dropped. Culture Wars get airtime on Faux News. The Rs have supermajorities. WTF is wrong with this state besides sunburnt brains?

MizJ Level 8 May 17, 2023

I think the backlash we saw in Jacksonville yesterday is just the beginning.

@glennlab I want to believe but this state is very Red.

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