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Sick and tired of the delusional "peacenik" crowd yammering stupidly on subjects they don't understand because they listen to Putin's propaganda. Saying that the 61 billion in military aid for Ukraine "is a waste of money and will cost tens of thousands of lives" is a half truth. the real truth is without that aid tens of millions of lives will be lost and not only in Ukraine. In two weeks the Ukraine war will enter its second year and Russians will have lost more than 400,000 troops to death and disability. In addition to this they have already lost at least half of their military equipment.... Another 61 billion in aid means over 1 million terrorists gone and the rest of their equipment with them...Russia is already completely demoralized and weakened. This means they will be forced to withdraw from Ukraine completely including Crimea as well then accept not just defeat but end up paying for their war of aggression as well which means that WW3 will be headed off instead of Putin starting it in Europe and it spreading here. Why do you idiots always make claims based on Russian propaganda? The reason Putin is pushing so hard is he knows for a fact if he doesn't defeat Ukraine before the US breaks the GQP and starts supporting Ukraine again with military aid his dreams are toast.

As of yesterday 2 more Russian oil refineries went kaboom today alone which means 10 or 12 are now completely offline as well as a missile plant, their drone factory, their factory producing tank engines and many other parts of their critical military infrastructure. Much of what Ukraine is destroying inside Russia can't be repaired or replaced just like their military equipment because they lack critical resources or the means to produce those resources (like military grade steel). Their civilian infrastructure is collapsing because they won't invest in the maintenance or upgrades needed to keep it from falling apart, and their economy is collapsing around them as well. To purchase those 6,000 Iranian Shahad drones they had to pay Iran in gold (2 tons according to intelligence reports) because they are running out of cruise missiles. Russia and China both are greatly exaggerating their military strength and both are in a state of economic collapse just like the Soviet Union was.... and Putin's health is...



Make no mistake Putin wants the world to see the Western alliances and the US in particular as weak so he can rebuild and attack other small countries first then expand this war to Europe. If he is allowed to continue soon the war will be fought with nuclear weapons and the world as we know it will cease to exist.

So you draft dodging arm chair tacticians need to stop listening to Russian propaganda and start supporting Ukraine because even the women there have more brains and balls than you do...
Case in point...

Lizard_of_Ahaz 9 Feb 10
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What flows out of Washington makes Putin sound reasonable in comparison. Russia won the war in the first few months, now it's just a matter of how many Ukrainians will die as the US does everything in its power to prolong a war that could easily have been avoided and can easily be ended. But boy, look how much profit our arms industry is making, paid for in Ukrainian blood. Peace is a good thing by the way.

Druvius Level 8 Feb 10, 2024

Peace takes two unless you mean the peace of the grave... Russia wants you to believe they have won so they can rebuild their military and go on to the next war of conquests. You can never have peace with Russia until Russia no longer has the resources to conduct wars of aggression and only a fool thinks otherwise.... Fortunately the Ukrainians aren't as foolish as you are.

Keep in mind the new high resolution satellite recon photos show that much (experts agree at least 30% and every ship is irreplaceable) of the so-called Russian reserve equipment is in such bad shape it will never be able to be restored . Russia is dying in this war and Ukraine can put the last nails in the coffin if we hand them the hammer. If we fail to hand them the hammer we might as well start learning how to speak Russian and reelect Trump is that your view?

@Lizard_of_Ahaz Wow, you really don't know anything about this war or the history that led to it. And Jesus you sound like an idiot when you bray Cold War propaganda.

Geoffrey Roberts – Ignorance is not Bliss: Ten Egregious Historical Mis-Analogies of the Russo-Ukrainian War

@Lizard_of_Ahaz And bragging about trading Ukrainian lives for Russian military equipment is kinda sociopathic. Obviously you don't give a rat's a** about the people you're claiming to champion.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz But don't worry, like Vietnam, another mind numbingly stupid american proxy war, you'll make up excuses and blame everyone but the cheerleaders for war when it ends without the fantasy victory you imagine. I thought better of you sir.

@Druvius You are an idiot if you think that...

@Druvius That woman is a moron and should move to Russia if she believes the stupid crap she is writing...

@Druvius Ukrainians don't think trading their lives for freedom which their country has been fighting for over 400 years to achieve is "sociopathic...." I bet you are so ignorant of both Russian and Ukrainian histories you don't even know which was founded first and when... Much less by who.

No wonder Oregon is overrun by Nazis...


@Druvius FYI this is what you are supporting with your idiotic ideas... Trump.



@William_Mary blocked for spewing Russian propaganda.


Even some of the western sources highly contradict the numbers you posted. Your attempt to mix casualties with deaths makes your numbers a ludicrous disinformation attempt. The ratio of deaths at best is 1 Russian to approximately 4 Ukrainian. I believe it's significantly higher though. Earlier I believe it was somewhere around 7 to 1. What makes your numbers even as ludicrous is the air power factor. Ukraine has absolutely no air power in the skies to support their troops as Russia has essentially taken that out on all basic purposes. All they have are drones now. And they misuse those on a significant bases to attack civilian targets in the war zone and Russian targets outside of the newly voted in republics. When you also apply the factor that Ukraine spends a large amount of their ammunition in regards to missiles and cannons on civilian populations, who have to question how much of an effect that has on the battle field. There are no military aspects within the daily bombing of civilian infrastructures they spend these ammunitions on. So, if they aren't using them on the battle field it just might be another indication as to why the numbers favor the Russian military so highly. There apparently seems to be two different types of war being waged here. Where one side is actually defending a society, the other more determined to commit terrorism on a society. I assure you Russia isn't the latter. And the Ukrainians are getting their asses handed to them because of this factor. And Russia isn't going around in their country kidnapping people off the streets and forcing them to the front. Or breaking down doors at peoples home for the same purpose.

Beware of any numbers being given by each side though. Especially from the west that need to sell the war to their societies!

You are a delusional idiot who sucks Putin's propaganda like it is Kool Aid....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz that's funny. Sad but funny.

@William_Mary You are sad and stupid...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz drive the Russians from Kiev? The Russians pulled out of Kiev due to an agreement made with the west which they reneged on. Separatist seized the Ukraine? No, they were holding a peaceful protest against the new fascist government that overthrew the government they voted in. And fascist who came into the Donbass region began that violence. Russia's 2014 invasion. Quit it! This is a mis/disinformation film. This is fun learning how indoctrinated you are into a false managed perception. That shot of the building was from the fascist setting it a blaze while the protesters were inside trying to escape the violence. If you want a real account of that day you can find it in a documentary at RT who's has been documenting there since 2014. This doesn't show me anything but a woman some news agency who decided to take her and glorify her using false information. There's no story line including civilians like those at RT which are provided.

A search of your source here is a leading indication of how untrustworthy this is. Part of its collaboration is with Bellingcat. Bellingcat is a well know group that is funded by various governments and intelligence agencies to produce mis/disinformation content to support the western agendas crimes. The Grayzone has extensively exposed multiple cases of the fraudulences they have been involved in. You've been hoodwinked by the finest in fake news. Congratulations!

Sir, if you want to really know the truth about Ukraine from the time period of when the US overthrew a democratically elected government in 2014 up to today. Go to RT's documentary page and begin from there. Where you can find a reliable sources of independent journalist from around the world working with film makers who expose it all. From the resistance of the citizenship falsely labeled as terrorist citizen testimony, X military and X intelligence who went back to Donbass to defend their cities, towns, and villages, up to when Russia finally came in in 2022. Then you can also witness more civilian testimony as their areas are liberated from the fascist as aid is brought in by Russian civilians, Russian and Chechen troops.

@William_Mary You mean the Russian infiltrators I assume... Where do you get all this disinformation?... Putin himself or Fucker Carlson?...

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