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Compare RT coverage to western coverage.

The death toll in the latest wave of Israeli-Gaza violence has reached 24 as an exchange of rocket strikes between Tel Aviv and Islamic Jihad continues for the second day in a row. Tensions remain high with large-scale Chinese military drills in the Taiwan Strait after Nancy Pelosi's controversial visit to the island that pushed Beijing and Taipei to the brink of military confrontation. Donetsk republic forces claim they've taken control over most of a key town used by Ukrainian troops as a firing position to target the Donetsk region. RT reports on the ground.


William_Mary 8 Aug 7
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Maybe I'm confused.

US media is covering this genocide with the exact same narrative/verbiage as RT.

Death toll climbs to 24

Sadly the article lacks the opinions of Dan Kolvalic, a labor and human rights lawyer, or anyone else for that matter, that RT provides a interview with. Who provides more information in regards to correlating history with todays events. Clarifying that what is happening in Gaza is indeed an agenda towards genocide.

It isn't a conflict. It's an uneven campaign of genocide against a people who only have the ability to attempt to draw world attention to for help!

Despite some information that has been relative for decades now, the primary narrative of the article supports Israel without the full narrative that lead to rockets from Gaza. Which is essentially like civilians there throwing rocks at soldiers who shoot bullets.

It's controlled narrative of half truths which is a primary factor that Robert Parry left AP in the mid 90's and founded Consortium news in 1995. When it became difficult for him to provide the public integral journalism the forth estate was given power to do. AP wouldn't dare refer to the fact that genocide is a primary goal against these people knowing it would face a backlash from the ruling class and their bought establishment government. In which Israel would demand and get. It's a known fact that Zionist have been conducting a genocide campaign on these people for nearly a century. If you know the history of the area anyways.

@William_Mary I'm sorry. I don't think I'm confused about the Israeli intent regarding Palestine. I was simply confused by your original post. You didn't bother specifying what, exactly, in your opinion, is/are the failings of US media. That's all.

@SeaGreenEyez I suggested comparing. Then in my reply I detailed the difference being you seemingly didn't catch the difference. Are you implying that RT with the help of Dan Kolvalic didn't provide a wider informative range of information by adding historic clarification to the issue and what lead to Israel's continued over use of force to exacerbate Palestinian discontent?

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