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Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweets Anger Over Big Tech’s Blackout of Brazil’s Social Unrest

After it became apparent that Trump-endorsed extreme right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro would lose a hotly contested runoff election, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to Twitter to denounce lack of coverage here in the US, by claiming “Brazil is rapidly falling into civil unrest after their election and there is a complete blackout on it from American media and Big Tech.” Of course, the “civil unrest” Greene is referring to, is simply MAGA-style conservative truckers blocking traffic as they did here in the US and in Canada when elections didn’t go their way.

Gee, who knew Musk has been censoring right-wing news out of Brazil these days? Thank goodness we have Ms. Greene to fill us in on everything. Of course, Greene hasn’t done anything for anyone in her congressional district in the past two years - other than help organize the Jan 6th insurrection, but she’s deeply concerned about Brazil’s elections. That said, I fully understand why MAGA types are pissed - this election means Brazil will remain a democracy. Now, THAT’S a MAGA nightmare!

Lucky for us, Greene had the wherewithal to go on "social media” to tell us about how “big tech’s social media” is blocking this story. Just think about THAT statement for a minute! Oh, and you can actually take a little longer than a minute - if you actually need it. Anyway, it sounds like Greene needs to hop on a plane and fly right down there to set them all straight as well as keep us posted as to what’s really going on.

Of course, the real reason Brazil is experiencing civil unrest is that followers of the guy you MAGA sycophants supported (Bolsonaro), are wreaking havoc by refusing to accept the results of a democratic election. Anything sound familiar? Now, not to be critical, but I suspect your constituents aren’t really all that interested in Brazil’s elections. My guess is, they’d prefer to hear more about “what the hell have you done for your district lately?”

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johnnyrobish 8 Nov 2
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That woman is just sad, almost beyond laughable these days. I personally don't think is nice to laugh at the mentally challenged but damn she just makes it so easy.🤣🤣🤣

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