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ROBERT PARRY: Ukraine, Through the US Looking Glass

On the 5th anniversary of his death, we republish one of Parry’s many prescient articles on Ukraine, this one on the risks of ignoring the 2014 coup, the neo-Nazis’s role and the war against coup resisters in the east.


Remembering Robert Parry, Who Died 5 Yrs Ago Today

We remember the great investigative reporter Robert Parry, who founded this website in 1995. He left us way too soon on Jan. 27, 2018.

The founder of this website died five years ago today. Robert Parry had an illustrious career as an investigative reporter for the Associated Press, Newsweek and PBS Frontline, best-known for his revelations in the Iran Contra scandal and the October Surprise.

Frustrated with the suppression of his stories by his corporate editors, Bob created Consortium News in 1995 as a consortium of journalists who had similarly had their stories suppressed. The site was the earliest independent news site on the internet in the United States.

Bob and his writers made their mark in exposing corporate media falsehoods about the rationale for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the coup and attack on coup resisters in Ukraine in 2014 and the fake Russiagate scandal.


Above I'm posting 2 reposted articles from Consortium News for the memoriam of the 5th anniversary of Robert Parry's death. The top article was written in April of 2014 on his coverage on the beginning of the Ukraine war. This was about 2 months after the successful US lead illegal coup that ousted elected President Viktor Yanukovych. As the puppet government that was installed would invade the Donbass regions, primarily beginning in Odessa where the Kiev air force bombed government buildings, rolled in and attacked unarmed civilians and a police station. There were no Russian forces there. The regions hadn't even began building up their civilian militias yet. The police were clearly out gunned against tanks and machine guns with no air force to defend themselves. It was a purposeful slaughter of innocent lives denied of their democracy and freedom. All ages of men, women, and children.

Yea, lets talk about democracy for a moment here. We hear a lot about that from the side claiming they're fighting for democracy. In reality though, they threw democracy aside in 2014. Odessa, the entire Donbass region, Crimea, and a significant amount of western Ukraine, played a part in democracy by electing Viktor Yanukovych as their president in supporting him for turning away from years of austerity measures from Europe and making an economic agreement with Russia. The Ukraine society had been getting fleeced by western oligarchs, their own oligarchs, and world banks for several years. It hasn't really been a secret that Ukraine had one of the most corrupt societies on the planet going into 2014. If you didn't know any of this, then you really have no right to judge or comment without educating yourself to the history on a genuinely scale.

{The post-coup President Oleksandr Turchynov also warned that Ukraine was confronting a “colossal danger,” but he insisted that the suppression of the pro-Russian protesters would be treated as an “anti-terrorist” operation and not as a “civil war.” Everyone should understand by now that “anti-terror” suggests extrajudicial killings, torture and “counter-terror.”}

And for 8 years there was plenty of that on every spectrum of society in the Donbass regions. And plenty of mass graves to go with it. This article underscores the relevances to white supremacy {see the confederate flag in the Kiev city hall} US involvement {Nuland} and funding, McCain at a rally with leaders of Svoboda, surrounded by banners honoring Stepan Bandera and urging on the protesters, the hypocrisy and twisting of information by the NYT. Which was quickly followed by all MSCMs.

{Indeed, in my four-plus decades in journalism, I have never seen a more thoroughly biased and misleading performance by the major U.S. news media.

Even during the days of Ronald Reagan when much of the government’s modern propaganda structure was created there was more independence in major news outlets. There were media stampedes off the reality cliff during George H.W. Bush’s Persian Gulf War and George W. Bush’s Iraq War, both of which were marked by demonstrably false claims that were readily swallowed by the big U.S. news outlets.

But there is something utterly Orwellian in the current coverage of the Ukraine crisis, including accusing others of “propaganda” when their accounts though surely not perfect are much more honest and more accurate than what the U.S. press corps has been producing.

The casualness of this propaganda as it spreads across the U.S. media spectrum from Fox News to MSNBC, from The Washington Post to The New York Times is not just wretched journalism but it is reckless malfeasance jeopardizing the lives of many Ukrainians and the future of the planet.} Robert Parry

Today Mr. Parry's conjecture has clearly become exacerbated. People around the globe are dying off due to all the various types of sanctions and the manufactured energy crisis in Europe and Africa. The turn from green energy will feed and harm the planet more surely.

The second article is a memoriam written by his son after Bob's death. I've posted it a few times over the years. It use to be a side link on every page until recently which I've probably have read a 100 times. More has been added to it over the years as it correlates with current events. This is what a genuine investigative journalist is! They don't come any better.

It starts out with his times in Latin America and the various elements that made up the Iran-Contra affair. Reasoning behind starting the first Internet news site. Gary Webb story. Throughout the sites history, the fluctuation of political viewers through the presidency's. This one you should find quite telling in regards to how tribal politics effects those who refuse to apply critical thought to the information they receive. Incapable of the recognition they're being deceived. If it doesn't fit {cognitive dissonance} but as one who challenges false or misleading information you become a target. Truth becomes a traitor to many. During each president mentioned there are correlating issues, mostly foreign, commented on. It's essentially a small outlined example of how these presidents and MSCMs failed us in their duties to society. Quite frankly, it's also an example of how our judicial and intelligence agencies failed us. The introduction of the VIPS to the news site who combat that one.

This is especially a good read for anyone who is currently wrestling with understanding the information trail in regards to questioning how to separate fact from fiction.

William_Mary 8 Jan 28
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