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Pinnacle of Horror

{There are no words to express what we are witnessing. In the five weeks of horror this is one of the pinnacles of horror. The indifference of Europe is bad enough. The active complicity by the United States is unfathomable.

Nothing justifies this. Nothing. President Joe Biden will go down in history as an accomplice to genocide. May the ghosts of the thousands of children he has participated in murdering haunt him for the rest of his life.

Israel and the United States are sending a chilling message to the rest of the world. International and humanitarian law, including the Geneva Convention, are meaningless pieces of paper. They did not apply in Iraq. They do not apply in Gaza.

-----They never do for any foreign matter-----

We will pulverize your neighborhoods and cities with bombs and missiles. We will wantonly murder your women, children, elderly and sick. We will set up blockades to engineer starvation and the spread of infectious diseases. You, the “lesser breeds” of the earth, do not matter.

To us you are vermin to be extinguished. We have everything. If you try to take any of it away from us, we will kill you. And we will never be held accountable.

We are not hated for our values. We are hated because we have no values. We are hated because rules only apply to others. Not to us. We are hated because we have arrogated to ourselves the right to carry out indiscriminate slaughter.

We are hated because we are heartless and cruel. We are hated because we are hypocrites, talking about protecting civilians, the rule of law and humanitarianism while extinguishing the lives of hundreds of people in Gaza a day, including 160 children.}


I can only hope that by now, after these several weeks, that most people have educated themselves on the nearly century long history of the real story of the horrid, plight, life of Palestinians. Severing themselves from the managed perception that has been delivered by western governments and most of their medias. While the better part of my MSM comes from NPR as I work, which I find to be an echo chamber for the delusional reality we usually get from the MSCMs, I'll give them credit for giving activist and others who are informing us on the conditions and opposing views of the managed perceptions taking place in Gaza. With that said however, the host of various platforms and news on NPR fail to do their job by confronting the managed perception speak when the supporters of Israel, from within or abroad, are essentially offered an open mic to spew their bullshit. History that lead to these conditions on all fronts are basically no where to be heard. Like an empty chamber of he said he said, the false devastating reverberation of sound will just continue to bounce towards more death and destruction.
We will never find peace on this planet as this atmosphere continues to exists.

I warned of Biden, stating that he should be disqualified from running for president for the major role he played in the genocide campaign that was taking place in the east of Ukraine at that time. Him and Nuland's illegal overthrow of a democratically elected government under the direction of the Obama administration. I stated that those who were being visualized as Biden's cabinet members were all past orchestrator's of death and destruction in previous administrations on all levels. Between furthering the Ukraine genocide and now Gaza, in our names, we have reach the most hideous level of inhumane acts that all American's should be ashamed of.

William_Mary 8 Nov 18
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Yet after Afghanistan, covid mandates overturned as unconstitutional by courts, mandates, allowing/ encouraging BRICS to flourish, undocumented migration and now Gaza, many still think he the one they will vote for.

puff Level 8 Nov 18, 2023

A ton of semantics in all that. Afghanistan goes back to GWB. A list of presidents with them all having blood on their hands (foreign and our own) which simply provides the indication of a flawed system in regards to both parties.

Same goes for covid which was another means for corporations to profit rather than legitimate concern for the citizenship. I strongly advocated for mandates such as China's to keep the virus from spreading when it could have been contained in the PNW. Not shutting down while allowing flights from foreign countries into our country was 2 months late and resulted in over a million deaths. Western societies helped to spread it onto each other. If I remember right, Trump was the president who at the time had a chip on his shoulder for China. Who lost under 5000 people during most of the duration of both administrations. Which this could also lead to various conjectures as to why our representation chose to ignore China's warnings. The herd mentality is still failing to quell the virus as outbreaks are still occurring. The vaccines are still harming people.

Are you suggesting there were mandates that encouraged BRICS? I don't understand why you have mandates again, separating (allowing/ encouraging BRICS to flourish) with a comma. I'm curious to those mandates. I can't place such on BRICS when it has actually been well conversed over a couple decades that the dollar would reach a tipping point of its importance at some point. More so in recent years. BRICS is a construct that was bound to take form from yet another blunder of the capitalist system like those above. But I can except that it was Biden who essentially exacerbated the formation when he exacerbated the Ukraine war along with western societies aggression on Russia, that inevitably cut a major part of the world society off who then became supporters and members of BRICS.

Migration again is a symptom of a system that interferes with countries abroad for the benefit of capitalism which has been going on for centuries. At least the type I think you're speaking of. Only becoming exacerbated within the last 5 decades as far as Latin American's coming to the US. Europe finding its own causes due to middle east wars and various aspects of today's Ukraine issues. They come here to escape the conditions western governments created in their countries. I have a ton of shit to blame Biden for, but he's simply one aspect of a list others who have orchestrated the painful movement of many people forced into leaving their homelands. A vast majority of who probably wouldn't have if we had just left them alone to make their own decisions at home.

Your ideology, in regards to this post anyways, would suggest that you might be more leaning towards a Trump presidency again in which those you point at as voting for Biden would state the very same argument in regards to Trump. I have a laundry list of disqualifying reasons for him also. Which would mean you may have neglected the historical facts to make a political act of biasness. Despite Trumps recent views on the Gaza issue, he spent 4 years aiding and abetting both genocide campaigns in regards to Ukraine and Palestinians. He'll say anything if he thinks he can gain from it. And he needs to separate himself from the field by preying on his followers who have a tendency to be as hypocritical as he is. What they say they are and what they say they want are almost always contradictory.

@William_Mary The second mandate was verbal diarrhea, my bad. A typo.
Trump is not the answer. But Biden is so bad he makes Trump seem the appealing option, no mean feat really. Trump will win 2024.

The actual withdrawal in Afghanistan is all on him, Biden. Why the decision was made to leave and not utilise the secure US military airfield is beyond me. The decision to announce timings for political advantage then leave all that kit in a mad rush, all Biden. Then there is Nord Stream. Undocumented migration at border (not managed), Ukraine and now veto support for genocide in Gaza. All Biden, does not deserve re-election.
Regardless, it seems Newsom will be the DNC nominee now. Xi has been briefed.

I can say I think Trump will romp it home without liking or supporting him, just my assessment. The establishment is out to get him so as an Australian, we like the underdogs who have the odds against them. We can see, as Americans can, how "they" are after him come hell or high water. I think the average American voter can see this too.
Eg holding classified documents.
Trump did this as president. Biden did this as a senator and then as vice president but basically the same crime as Trump. The Dept of Justice is pursuing a case against the former president yet have dropped any case against the current president. This example and others is why I think Trump will romp in. The DNC run democratic presidency of Biden/ Harris reeks of incompetence and being "in the club" and people will vote against this as opposed to being for Trump as such. He's just a better option which reflects a sad stage of affairs for US federal politics. I think 2024 results will be Trump, RFK Jr then that order. This democrat presidency has been that bad imo and we still have a year to go.

@puff you and I seemingly live in 2 different worlds. From my view of your description, your world seemingly exists in 1 that is highly managed for you, seemingly on multiple levels.

Your paragraph on Biden would entail me to have to believe Biden is actually running not only our country, but a large aspect of the world. I'm fairly certain he doesn't have the mental capacity to do so. I'll refer back to my initial reply above where I mentioned his cabinet members making up his administration. These are people who some have been a part of and running multiple administrations, and or been the acting right hand of a number of high level politicians for decades in some cases. A few of them are correlated to the Clinton's. Nuland goes back as far as GWB as the ambassador of NATO. She served in every administration since except Trumps. She essentially orchestrated the 2014 coup in Ukraine. Her husband is a high level entity in both high level ties in the US and Ukraine with a lot of influence to what is done or not done. Links to her bio and a link to her husbands.



You can apply the nature of their bios as a correlation to the other top level members of Biden's administration. Just add history and some intellectual thought to the results after each timeline the individuals produced for understanding. I researched all their bios also as the election cycle came in. You have to know the noise of the background to fully comprehend what the perception of the false leader is potentially going to leave behind. I think I fairly got it right with my conjecture of how a Biden administration was going to turn out with my research.

Biden isn't running jack shit. There isn't anything more that the west can get out of the middle east, other than more deaths of our men and women with throwing another trillion into it, and the oil they're stealing from Syria at the moment. Afghanistan is working just like they want it to. Its in chaos and broke and broken. While the heroine is still pouring out of it. Job accomplished. They couldn't keep up arms manufacturing, safely, as they turned towards the uptick of the Ukraine war. Biden was the perfect scape goat for leaving Afghanistan. Since WWll, when has the US ever pulled out of a war without leaving a sense of death, chaos, and destruction behind? It's the signature of US warfare ever since. They get half or nothing in the process. Half of Korea, half of Vietnam, half of Latin America, oil out of the middle east, they'll get approximately 2/3 of Ukraine as the ruling class are looting it. They looted Iraq and Libya, still working on Syria. Trump played his part in the Ukraine case. You're describing the results of basically every president since WWll.

The Trump issue is too complicated to even get into. There's a lot of sorting out that only provides a guessing game. They all have crimes and unethical practices behind them that it all seemingly adds up to incompetence. But in my universe, incompetence in this regard is a deceptive term when it comes to having been planned to look like incompetence. Fake mission accomplishments from Korea to Ahghaistan. Obama admitting he hadn't done Libya right. Trump saying we shouldn't have went into Syria, but stays into Syria and looting more. Same as Trump and Ukraine. Incompetence is merely another means towards leading to more incompetence.

{The establishment is out to get him so as an Australian, we like the underdogs who have the odds against them.}

Trump is part of the establishment. He's supposedly a billionaire who came from a family that has made their money from buying politicians who helped him by public land and buildings dirt cheap. Used tax dollars to help him from spending his own money in various ways to accomplish the above and profits. A family with a history of cheating their workers out of pay, and not paying for work done for them by other businesses, some of which were also family businesses, by tying them up in long court cases sending them into bankruptcy, often out of business. Trump is by no means an underdog. He's a rabid dog with a trail of terror behind him that has affected many people. He and the people around him scammed his supporters monetarily while he was scamming them to get to the white house. He took the very same means his family history is made up from and applied it towards a climb that's often revered as the highest power on the planet. He's simply another man like most before him who isn't worthy of the title. The only difference between him and others, is that he was already filthy rich. He doesn't get that from not being part of the establishment. The establishment got along quite well with him in the white house. Don't allow yourself to be fooled by the illusion! Just like betraying his funding supporters, he betrayed pretty much all he said he'd be also. All the crap that he took and is taking, is just part of the role he plays. He set Biden up well for what has become the most turbulent times since WWll. Now he'll use that to get there again and do nothing with it again. Don't be surprised if he actually gets to run again and win. Don't be surprised when like with Clinton after he wins, he delivers a statement of how great Biden has been in any regard. As lock her up went to a sense of glorification for all her great work. It's a shit show Puff. And BTW, You say that like your country isn't part of the establishment. Don't make me call you Caitlin Johnstone!

@William_Mary Of course Biden is non compos for if he was he would not support Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, he would not have approved Nord Stream if an able president, an attack on NATO Nord Stream was, made Europe much weaker and therefore the US.
When MSM, DoJ, FBI all turn on Trump yet cover for Biden and HRC, it's a fair bet he is an "outsider" to the establishment.
And we all know Nuland is a cunt of a thing.
See Yelen's new bond sell off was a bit of a failure.
Let me tell you what the world sees. For the last 3-400 years European colonial powers have ruled the world but that is now ending with Africa the last to remove European leeches from their resources. However there is still a colonial power that hasn't finished yet, choosing another genocide of the indigenous to get the job done. And who supports this genocide? The formal colonial powers..................what a surprise. But the rest of the world is not, had a gutful of colonialism we have so Western powers enjoy this time in the sun as it will be your last. And the world will be a better place. Looking forward to far flung colonial/ imperial garrisons being both attacked and obliterated and the US being sanctioned, which has already begun.


{When MSM, DoJ, FBI all turn on Trump yet cover for Biden and HRC, it's a fair bet he is an "outsider" to the establishment.}

What have they done to him for all his crimes and unethical practices? He holds basically the same resembling profile as Biden, HRC, and a long list of other presidents and representatives, yet held accountable for none of it. For fucks sake! He managed a path of terror that lead to violent protest and deaths throughout his 2016 campaign mixed with hate and incitement yet was never challenged by any aspect of the judicial system or checks and balances other than benefitting from more news coverage. In which like with the laundry list before him, that 4th estate, committed dereliction of duty in their selective coverage on all of them also.

When Trump is actually found guilty of even any 1 crime of his and does time without merely forking out a small monetary slap on the wrist, get back to me on this. Outside of this, all you're projecting towards me in this is a sense of support for him with a notion that Trump hasn't done anything wrong. As though it's a witch hunt like all the rest claim when their crimes and unethical practices are forced into the public view.

@William_Mary Unethical and illegal are two different things. So name me what he did illegally? Sending missiles into Syria and assassinating Iranian generals in Iraq is all I can think of, the only times the "establishment" got behind him with media saying he finally acted "Presidential". This shows the moral corruption of the USA.
Unethical is the norm in politics with Trump nowhere on his own there.
I agree, when Trump is convicted of one crime...............................still waiting. Like I'm still waiting for others to actually be charged................even hand of Lady justice and all that. Glaring example is holding classified documents; Dems get treated very differently than Trump, who had extra presidential protections whereas they did not. Talking SoS Clinton and VP Biden..
The state of affairs is Trump will romp it in this time as Biden's presidency has been that bad.
With MSM and Trump, he didn't pay for it but he was good for ratings. The DNC also gave money to Trumper candidates, thinking they were so off people would not vote for them.....that didn't work.
Trump is quite correct that electronic voting machines are dodgy as, he had every right to question results. It was an extremely close election after all.

Gotta love the woke progressives found mainly on the left and guiding the Biden admin in much policy. Gen Z now looks at history without rose tinted glasses and nationalist fever. They rewrite history to correct it which I find refreshing eg Columbus does not deserve hero worship, nor many others. The major flaw I see is individual rights have come to the fore without the added explanation that for a cohesive society to function, some individual rights need to be restricted in certain times and places. But what really cracks me up is how surprised many are that Gen Z support Palestine eg wtf did you expect when you have just revised history so colonisation is viewed as wrong? White supremacy and all that.
Zionists come out of Europe ie white. Gen Z see white supremacists colonising Arab lands yet again and are protesting that injustice AS TAUGHT AND ENCOURAGED to do so. So why the surprise?
This Gaza war will be the last Western colonisation incident we will see. Once over BRICS nations will be the power and the UN will be reformed. A good thing, a multipolar world not dominated by any. I say this because the US based "World order" based on law supposedly has been show for the lie it is with the US response to Israel. The world is sick of this law based order being applied only if it advantages US interests. Everyone sees the hypocrisy and hubris of the US in how it applies justice at home and abroad.
PS How's that pivot away from the ME towards Asia/ Pacific going? Trump will get in, he will go for payback and a financial crisis will happen. Not looking good for Western homogony but totally self inflicted by corruption, arrogance and hubris aka American Exceptionalism..

@puff throughout this exchange with you I have provided a number of examples of crimes Trump can easily be implicated in. Quite frankly, the fact that you now question me on such is a show of the same atmosphere I observe within my own country found within the 2 party structure where my fellow citizens absurdly fall into an abyss of managed indoctrination designed for each party by their chosen fake left and right news sources.

You've just proven to me that you're seemingly incapable of connecting the crimes in a relative manor to both sides, and or the willing to overlook the relativeness of a crime when you want to provide an argument for your chosen contextual structure towards whom you're seemingly supporting.

You have essentially erased Trump from his participation within all the war crimes that began with GWB right up to Gaza as he continued the same theaters of war in multiple countries. Despite his previous statements of discontent with some, if not all of them, escalating them on other levels. Hell, you even gave him a pass on Afghanistan so that you could blame Biden for the horrific nature of the pullout, erasing the Trump history of that on multiple levels. Rather than correlate that to his statements of his own pullout that never happened for it to be at least some sense of being rectified by him. He conned the citizenship, then neglected any attempt to rectify the problem, passing the buck to Biden for you to target. All the while more of our men and women were being killed for the profits of the military industrial complex, innocent civilians were being killed, and more untold millions went into the country in duffle bags to be handed to fund the facade on multiple levels. Do I need to go into the Ukraine crimes? His fake impeachment process? And that one is on him. He totally let Biden off for committing the same crime he committed on a lower level by not using Biden's crime as a relevance to his.

I'd go into the family history that began with his daddy and the political arena of NY and NJ, but I doubt you know much of that history, to waste my time. I believe I mentioned some of this above somewhere. You obviously have a selective memory when it comes to history, history becoming fragmented to only support your argument for whom you oppose, while it slides into obscurity when it correlates with the narrative you're attempting to set. The current criminal cases going on with Trump today stretch back through decades on the family tree on multiple levels. Obviously you haven't been keeping up well with the cases today. As multiple people in his circle are pleading guilty for their complicity in those crimes. The question isn't whether he committed crimes, it's how he'll manage to limit the damage. Through means that a vast majority of us would never be able to. Which is why it's baffling why so many people who would have never made it past the booking procedure, going straight to jail, stayed in jail, still support him.

It has been a surreal experience in getting to know you on a higher level.

@William_Mary Scratch a millionaire and they will have broken a law somewhere, it's the Capitalist way.
I have found interacting with American's that Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real. Everything, everything Trump is bad. The world is more nuanced than that and I tend to be pragmatic. I am Australian so am only concerned with US policy that effects me, mainly foreign policy. I called out Trump for the assassination of the Iranian general and also the missile strikes in Syria. I congratulated him on approaching Nth Korea. He was and is nowhere as bad as those with TDS claim, nor as good as MAGA followers believe.. I think Trump is psycho and vain yet am still glad there was not a second Clinton presidency as she is much worse. I think Howdy Doody could have beaten Trump in 2016, but Hillary couldn't. Classic. The thing about Trump, all were against him from the start, ALL as in the Washington establishment and by extension, US media outlets.
Militarily, it was madness to abandon the airfield base (Bagram?) before exiting the country. That was Biden's call, can't blame Trump. He will be the potus remembered for initiating the withdrawal instead.
If you cannot admit the Justice system in the US is a long way from even handed I can't help you. You have been indoctrinated.
Russiagate was disgusting and the US owes the Russians a huge apology, not coming as too much hubris. The ex spooks who drafted the letter distracting attention away from Hunter's laptop immediately prior to an election, pulled out in a debate, are corrupt as, as is media suppression of that story and many others. All paid and bought for.
Everyone knows the US blew up Nord Stream.

What I'm saying is any Trump crimes do quite pale in significance when compared to others, yet he faces multiple charges only bought when he is campaigning again whilst others don't get charged at all. The world also sees this. The world also saw Obama arm and train al Nusra, an officially declared enemy of the USA. That is treason plain and simple. US foreign policy does not impress me especially now enabling the slaughter in Palestine so as to maintain a US/ European/ White supremacy foothold in the ME. It really is pathetic and gutless. The UK is also in support which drags my country in as part of AUKUS, which really pisses me off at our compromised politicians and foreign policy, also beholden to Washington.
As for US domestic policy, don't really care if a country shits in it's own nest as I believe in sovereignty. I do try to educate here though, that the US is not as good as they were and think they are now. The world has changed rather drastically the last few years but many in the US are still living the glory days of US dominance. I try to educate here to soften the blow because one day coming soon, American's are going to wake up to a rather rude shock. Forewarned is forearmed as they say, people need to prepare themselves. Australia is so tied to US politics, the US will drag us down with them.
I'm so glad I lived in Asia 20 years as I am celebrating, not mourning, the end of the colonialist phase of world history with Israel the last throw of the dice. As an Anglo-Saxon with very blonde hair and blue eyes, I do not fear the "West" losing their place in the world and look forward to multipolarity instead.

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