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US govt-linked Ukraine activists hold pro-Nazi Veterans Day rally outside White House

A recent rally in front of the White House featuring Nazi iconography has been wholly ignored by the same mainstream media outlets pushing the narrative of rising antisemitism. The two DC-based organizations behind the events collaborated with the Biden administration on a similar event last February.


What our media doesn't tell you. What our government really is. Fascist and our government sharing a rally together on our Veterans Day. Not a single representative from a local, state, or national government opposed it! And our Forth Estate ignored it. Profoundly sickening!

William_Mary 8 Dec 3
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That which the public is interested in, is rarely that which is in the Public Interest

Old newspaper men's maxim


IMO the absolutely best thing we can do is ignore cretins like this...just think if the media had ignored Drump in 2015/16.
Giving them a false sense of importance is the worst thing we can do.
Now, I am not saying we do not need to stand up in every area and fight when they try to change laws, for one just example, but giving them free publicity for truly Awful actions? Hard Pass!!!!!!!!

They're siphoning off our national treasury. Our government is working on their behalf while they are incrementally changing the laws that benefit them. And the media didn't ignore "Drump" as you put it. They ignored what he would do to the country. But they're ignoring this while it goes under your radar. Which is correlated to "Drump". Which is why the adage ole LenHazell53 made above is profoundly absurd. Complacency is a means to their battles moving forward towards victory.

While people have ignored all the warnings of what a Trump presidency would install on us, those warnings all became a reality that is slowly spreading across the country. Socially and judicially. And it has been exacerbated by these Ukrainian fascists in our country who are embedded in our governments and various NGO's and think tanks. Ignore it long enough and we'll end up with micro Gaza's and Donbass regions spread across the country. On top of the fascist actions that already occur around us.

@William_Mary IMO you need to reread my post, the media certainly Did NOT ignore drump and that was a Huge part of the seem to have read my post backwards.....

@annewimsey1 no, you misread my reply. I agreed with your statement in regards that the media did not ignore Trump. They gave him billions of free airtime on multiple platforms. Which I was stating all through that election cycle. I stated that they ignored what he would do to the country in regards to what multiple independent sources were exposing during the election cycle using his family and business history and political history in NY and NJ.

I spent the entire time during that election cycle using those sources in this community as warnings to what the fallout would be. And then later with Biden also. And basically, most of, if not all of, everything in those warnings have played out in both cases. His rallies alone were dead giveaways to the nature of what would follow. It came!

And all the MSMs are again doing it by purposely erasing what is going on in the country due to his presidency. Both presidencies. How the political and judicial arenas have changed towards his policies and that of far right religious ideologies. Again, all correlating and mirroring to the fascism of Ukraine that has infiltrated this country. Their influence on the US and Canada is reaching the heights seen of the Israeli government since the war in Ukraine began in 2014. Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin. We're not witnessing a choice between our values as it's managed in the media or from our representation. We're witnessing the change of an ideology that is attempting to sweep our humane values to lower levels. And both the republicans and democrats are participating in it.

People need to open their god dam eyes and reflect back on history to sort this shit out. Right now it's a race between climate change and fascist ideology that's going to end humanity as we know it. It is no longer a matter if the fourth reich will ever develop, it's here!

@William_Mary i appreciate your clarification and found myself nodding my head at a lot of it.
However, to equate Biden ( the old political establishment that kept the country on an even keel, under law, for decades) with the outright delusional weirdness and manifest dictatorial direction of drump baffles me.

@annewimsey1 in other words. You're willing to be complacent and overlook the crimes and genocides that he has willingly participated in for decades as though he is somehow significantly different. Apparently, you and I absorbed the decades of his history from a completely different sense of reality. The country hasn't been on an "even keel under law for decades" at any point of white rule. And especially during his political history can this be a legitimate view without a high sense of indoctrination into perception management of complacency. And just like every president before him that he helped to spread crimes on humanity around the globe, as a president has done so and doing so himself. When you're actually voicing support for someone that is generally no better than the one you demonize, you're still losing.

@William_Mary in Every election it has Always been the lesser of 2 evils, and somehow we managed to lurch along with too-slow but at least growing advancement of rights for women and minorities and the "different".....what could you try, where/how were you living in that "utopia"?
It is not helpful to demand absolutes, ever...which is Exactly what is so problematic about the current climate.

@annewimsey1 when people begin to throw the trope rhetoric of utopia around in this regard, it always means there's a sense of complacency involved. A willingness to overlook the inhumane actions around them rather than the parables that can lead to something better. No one suggest that Utopia wouldn't be in a constant state of flux within itself, as you have done. Change will always be present and need to be addressed. Currently, the sense of change we have always witnessed seduces the world society within a sense of complacency so that a particular few can continue to keep a hold on their power of the world. But if we had a real sense of freedom and democracy where we held more power, we could significantly control the degree of change. We could do a hell of a lot better than what is happening around us.

@William_Mary what exactly leads you to the Preposterous conclusion that I "ignore Anything that is happening" around me??????

@annewimsey1 I never accused you of ignoring anything in this series of replies. Even worse, that which you have in quotation marks doesn't even represent a statement of mine anywhere above which is clear evidence of an attempt to change the context I did used.

As always with people like you, the commonality is a mix of changing the narratives and context to attempt to support a failed and flawed system, or person of interest. The only other reasoning would be a breakdown of comprehension on your part of taking in another person's deliverance. The only thing left for people to consider who can comprehend the conversation is whether the lack of comprehension is purposeful from a condition of cognitive dissonance. Which I've again reached in regards to you. You obviously want to live the ole adage of an old dog who can't learn a new trick. You're incapable of recognizing that someone holding you at gun point as any different than his buddy standing beside him with a knife. As you beg the beholder of the knife to defend you. It isn't going to work out well. They're still going to take and do what they want. And it doesn't benefit you.


What gets me is "Never again", which Israel has hijacked as being all about them as the self proclaimed representatives of all Jews around the globe, which they are not. Rather narcistic of them to do that. Me me me, always about me for them. Always the victim. Shout down any and all criticism.

"Never again" is a message to the world, for the world in general.
A message that THE WORLD community will "NEVER AGAIN" stand aside idle whilst A STATE identifies a group of people by accident of birth to disposes them of property and land and drive them from that land destroying all trace of their culture, with those unwilling to leave to be exterminated. That is what NEVER AGAIN means. All who support Zionist Israel in this act would have supported the Nazi's as well (as the original Zionists did I have read from several sources).

Totally ironic that the victims of this type of genocide where "Never again" originated from are now the perpetrators. Another irony is a lot of Palestinians have better claims to being semitic than many Israeli's do so who are the antisemite's really here?

The Western world has really moved to the right of late, so far right 1984 is recognisable in much of Western society where the "left" is now pro-war and censorship, supporting things like mandates which removes individual freedoms. Does do my head in.

To me, no surprise Nazi celebration is now tolerated. The way Israel is going, their flag will be recognised as a hate symbol as the swastika is now. Another irony, both are based on religious symbols eg the star of David.

puff Level 8 Dec 3, 2023

Looks to me like proper gander. 🙂

DenoPenno Level 9 Dec 3, 2023
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