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Putin defeated US plan for Russia – Nuland

The arch-neocon has told CNN that Washington wanted a compliant leader installed in Moscow

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is “not the Russia that we wanted,” Acting US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has told CNN. Nuland explained that Washington wanted a compliant leader in the Kremlin who would “westernize” the country.

“It’s not the Russia that, frankly, we wanted,” Nuland told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Thursday. “We wanted a partner that was going to be westernizing, that was going to be European. But that’s not what Putin has done.”


{Putin’s predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, enjoyed Washington’s support as he oversaw the rushed privatization of the Russian economy in the 1990s. Yeltsin’s reforms saw the rise of the so-called ‘oligarchs’, who amassed huge fortunes selling Russia’s natural resources to Western buyers, while the majority of the population dealt with declining life expectancy, soaring crime and homicide rates, and the collapse of the ruble.

Putin, who first took office in 2000, is widely credited with taming the oligarchs, imposing public order, and reversing the economic and social decline of the 1990s. Putin initially sought friendly relations with the West, telling American journalist Tucker Carlson earlier this month that he asked then-US President Bill Clinton whether Russia could one day join NATO, only to be rejected.}

I've talked about how Putin was being prepped to be the next puppet of Russia on occasions by Yeltsin and Clinton. The results of Gorbachev and Yeltsin with their bowing down to the west on the country. The fact is that Russia could never become a genuine alley of the west and remain sovereign. As a partner of the west you relinquish all control to the international ruling elite, as described above. And the end result is always what you also read above. There's very few exceptions in this regard. But there is almost always a rise in poverty, crime, and fluctuation in social status in regards to social benefits and infrastructure for examples. Culture, rights, language, and freedom of religion often become targets also within especially multi-layered countries. Any opposing political parties in some cases. Ukraine is a perfect example today. Some 11 to 13 opposition parties have been banned and the election cycle canceled. The people of Ukraine are now essentially servants to a broadly fascist political atmosphere.

Exceptions considered may be Japan and European countries. European countries came out of WWll with better social programs and employment benefits, than we have ever seen in the US. Higher taxes yes, but with better paying jobs and work hours. Those have all been diminishing since the manufactured war on terrorism though. Japans markets flux and restrict improvements as ours, for basically the same reasons. Corporate crime is high there like ours.

Russia's refusal to bow to the west cements them only into being falsely labeled as an enemy. Same as with China. It won't change without full servitude. Using their resources to promote a better operating society and a firmer equality among citizens will not be tolerated. Using their growth towards society and technological advances are a threat to the west. The international elite wants everyone and place to be weak and controllable.

{A combination of NATO expansion, American support for jihadist groups in the Caucuses, and Nuland’s orchestration of the coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014 made it clear that the US and its allies were not interested in cooperation, Putin told Carlson.}

From developing terrorist groups in the Middle East under the Carter administration up to today having been expanded into Africa, and paramilitary groups in Latin America under Reagan, in both cases orchestrated by the CIA, created unrest across the globe terrorizing societies into servitude. Beginning sometime if the 90s, as Robert Parry exposed from Consortium News, NGOs, think tanks, and various foundations run by billionaires began taking over these particular actions, now called coulor revolutions to create opposition to democratically elected governments and manufacture unrest in given societies to be taken over. Ukraine was a textbook example of how it works in which was highlighted in the documentary--Ukraine on Fire. Which detailed the orchestrated chaos from late 2013 into 2014. How the groups had began forming that worked for the west and these NGOs, think tanks, and billionaires around 2009. Inciting fascist groups in western Ukraine by funding the training towards violent protest that inevitably came in the Maidan Revolution of 2014. After the illegal overthrow they carried this violence into the Donbass region against opposing Russian citizens in Odessa.

Nuland lost and she knows it. Any more money for Ukraine will simply be money wasted and burnt on the battle field. That is, what ever part of that money that doesn't end up in the pocket of criminals. And what doesn't come straight back to weapons manufacturers. Ukraine has been nothing more than a cash cow for the ruling class for 2 years now. Which basically made the previous 8 years such also when Putin finally decided to step in and defend the 5 regions voting to return to the Russian Federation.

Putin 2---West 0 I'll say this again. Many armies have tried to take Russia down over the centuries. And they all hand their asses handed to them. And on a couple of occasions those armies came close to the heart of Russia but to no avail. I'm fairly certain the only way Russia goes down will have to be a result of nuclear war. And they have a couple of republics neighboring them who'll fight like hell beside them who hate fascist also. And to them all of the western allies are an evil fascist conglomerate. Just ask any surviving Ukrainian soldier who experienced fighting against the Chechens how that works. There's probably a significant number of them sitting in prison somewhere to ask. Or back home with wounds of war from prisoner exchanges who want nothing more to do with Chechens.

William_Mary 8 Feb 25
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“We wanted a partner that was going to be westernizing, that was going to be European. But that’s not what Putin has done.” The US state department is so full of shit. Putin was doing everything to become closer to Europe, but a combined Europe and Russia is a powerful force which would threaten US homogony, can't have that, so those plans were blown up just like Nord Stream pipelines, for the same reason eg keep Europe and Russia "divided" (for then we may conquer).
I still believe the fall of Libya was what hardened both Russia and Putin. They had been watching the US "war on terror" and witnessed Afghanistan and Iraq fall. Somalia and other parts of Africa and especially the use of drones in 3rd countries they had not declared war on, actual allies, like Pakistan. Ghaddafi after Iraq stopped any "WMD" development and was promptly removed. Putin said "enough" and when the next target came along, Syria, he intervened. And that's when all the sanctions/ Russiaphobia started as before that, Russia was an "allie" of the war on terror.
Ukraine and Georgia were always red lines for Russia regarding NATO expansion, pronounced loudly by Russia as soon as Bush Jr floated the idea. They were ignored because of "American exceptionalism" and hubris. I think the actual trigger for the timing of the entering of Ukraine was the disgusting treatment of the young Russian ice skater at the Winter Olympics. Putin went "Fuck it!"
Many many Chechens fight for Russia in Ukraine. Scott Ritter has written a very good piece on how Putin defused the situation, bringing Chechens back into the Russian fold eg They are proud, nationalistic Russians now. An example of statecraft and diplomacy, seemingly forgotten in the "West".
The sun sets on the West but don't worry, it will rise again in the East. The cycle of life.
The world has had many great empires and the Russian, Persian and Chinese have very long histories and are still here. The US empire will really be a minor blip on the history of humanity, not strong enough to be long lasting historically.
BRICS and a multipolar world are the future, resource based monetary system, and US hubris is hastening it's arrival.

puff Level 8 Feb 25, 2024

in canada they steal resources, and trade in BRICS well giving the public CBDC and we will not be able to leave this country is what i can see if people don't start fighting back

@1patriot Yes I talk the US but our lacky countries are in the same boat. In Australia we seem so beholden and compromised by Washington that they will have to fall first as we seem unable to seek our own destiny without US permission. We need a leader with balls but the current environment would see such a leader be countered at every stage by very powerful forces aka what's happening to Trump now and previously, Pauline Hanson in Australia in 2003 when she was locked up for "electoral fraud", later tossed out on appeal but in the moment, removed her for public view (sound familiar?) allowing the powerful to retain that power.
I think this will be a year of change. Many elections world wide this year, especially Europe, and world leaders are not overly popular anywhere atm, excepting Russia. The ironically funny thing is, Putin was in trouble with his intervention in Ukraine, losing popularity, until Nord Stream. This rallied the Russian population behind him. Like Gaza ceasefires, the US also vetoed an independent UN investigation into the Nord Stream sabotage, confirming their guilt for if they did not do it, the US would be going apeshit on this attack on critical European energy supplies. Overturning every rock to see who did it. Instead, a severe lack of interest and in fact, celebration by Nuland/ Blinken et al. "A great oppourtunity" they celebrated. A terrorist attack and environmental disaster.

@puff heard to day that the CCP has been in charge of the UN, who, and gang for the last 25 years i can find it if your interested

@1patriot My eyes tell me it's the US. They control the money and have purposely weakened UN authority, starting with the illegal invasion of Iraq. Thank the Patriot Act, miraculously produced within days after 9/11. The US continues to weaken UN authority through its abuse of the power of veto and ignoring the ICJ, humanities highest court of law.
Very dodgy collusion shit went down with covid so realistically these opposing super powers no doubt collude behind the scenes. But to say the UN is controlled by communist China is a bit of a stretch imo. Unduly influenced I could believe, but not controlled.

@puff []
Canada has been infiltrated by the CCP since 1992 that's what our intelligence agencies tells us. Back 2003 or so W5 had a whole segment

@1patriot Psychopaths have wet dreams of world domination but still don't really get how you connect it with the CCP? Agenda 2030 is supported by many, not just them. "The criminal elements" exist in China, but also exist everywhere else.
We watched the failure of pure communism in the USSR. We are watching the failure of pure capitalism in the USA. The world will then find a middle ground aka secular socialism; a mixture of the good bits from both.
A see the UN being radically changed or replaced by a new body that has no power of veto. This will happen once the $USD loses default world currency status be it through financial collapse or a BRICS currency out competing it.

@puff the ccp is showing all these guys how to do it and have infiltrated many country soft coup in install communism

@1patriot Think you are mistaking authoritarianism with communism. Yes the CCP is centralised authoritarianism and yes we are also heading there but they are extremes on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Communism is by design with top down control. Actually very democratic at the grass roots level eg more of an individual voice than we have at local meetings, the problem being one choice of authority
The end game of Capitalism is fascism. Fascism is when there is a marriage of the business (capitalism) world and government. When government no longer represents peoples interest, they represent business interest eg promoting conflict to keep military industrial complexes busy.
What do laws protect? Citizens or business?

The point is both tend to become authoritarian. Us plebs suffer under authoritarian rule.

China is kinda fascinating because as historically the world's premier business/ trading people, they embraced communism. So Chinese communism now isn't really an ideological based "all equal" system, more a one party rule. But with Western "same shit, different wrapper" 2 party system, are they not basically the same with a "deep state" running the long game show?

Think you are dead correct fascists are jealous and wish to emulate the CCP's power, but the CCP is still on the side of it's people which is why it works. With 1.4 billion people, want to keep them happy. This is why the Chinese accept it and you have to admit, the "Western democracies" are this very moment supporting and enabling genocide after 20 years of constant fascist war. So why would a Chinese view our "way" as superior?

If we must live under authoritarianism, rather it not be fascist ie government for business.
Ed The Chinese are not shy to neck corrupt officials, keeps them more honest.

@puff ever paper here speaks of totalitarianism and that's a form of hard communism because we are sitting on our ass doing nothing about it

@1patriot Totalitarianism can also be fascist. Here is the 14 indicators of fascism which is very totalitarianism, but not communist. It describes capitalist America far better the the Russian Federation of States. But it is comparable to communist USSR in the outcomes. Thus the confusion is understandable because it is confusing. Extremes may be opposite poles, but they are extremely similar in outcome for the peasantry.

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