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Calling all atheists in the Deep south...Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and any others on the map pictured.

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Hi Southern friends! My family and I are considering a move from Denver, CO the southern Indiana/Louisville, KY area. It’s where my hubs grew up, and we’d be going be nearer his aging parents. Our main concern is moving a Bible Belt area. ...
By JojoHuckleberry 1 2 comments CO Mar 21
Georgia folks?
By Blumpkin 4 7 comments GA Feb 12
A snowman in the south! Frosty is a dirty old man in the south.
By Stevil 8 1 comments TN Feb 1
Snow in my part of the south!
By Stevil 8 1 comments TN Feb 1
Hello from Jackson Tn Youtube
By jondspen 7 0 comments TN Dec 15, 2018
So who’s in Mississippi???
By ForesterJenny 5 7 comments MS Dec 12, 2018
Why cut off Carolina & Keys ? We talk southern here y'all ...bless your heart Atheists are the best EVERYWHERE
By GreenAtheist 8 1 comments IA Nov 29, 2018
POLL You are a super villain. If you could destroy the moon, would you?
By keljvon 3 3 comments TX Nov 27, 2018
God dammit! No, really.
By keljvon 3 2 comments TX Nov 27, 2018
Hi. Baton Rougian here. How're my fellow southerners doing?
By Harry-C 2 4 comments LA Oct 30, 2018
Good day to y'all. I'm trying to find any atheists in northwest Alabama, but have been unsuccessful so far.
By Apoc12 2 4 comments AL Oct 15, 2018
Hey y'all! I live in the Nashville area and new to this website. Hoping to meet like minded people in my area.
By MusicIsLife 5 3 comments TN Oct 14, 2018
Hello. I'm new to this site and looking to meet new people. I live in Chattanooga and don't get too many opportunities to hang out. Has anyone read new book "Finding Purpose in a Godless World" by Ralph Lewis, MD? I'm just about finished with it ...
By Buxx 6 1 comments TN Sep 30, 2018
Agnostic Posts General & Hellos Metro Birmingham, Alabama Atheists. Let’s hang out. I’m in Avondale; walking distance to tons of bars and restaurants. If you’re judgmental about 420 then don’t bother. I have plenty of folks in my...
By RegJoe222 4 2 comments AL Sep 21, 2018
This isn't so much about agnosticism as about being tired of always being near the bottom of every measure of progress or quality of life or even basic governmental function, relative to the 50 states nationwide. Yay Deep South?? []
By MikeInBatonRouge 7 6 comments LA Sep 18, 2018
Hello there! I'm a godless geek from Cordova, TN (basically Memphis), just checking in!
By Hordo 6 2 comments TN Sep 17, 2018
Hello all, Carl from Cincinnati area, checking in!
By CarlHowarth 6 1 comments OH Sep 16, 2018
Hello everyone! I'm checking in from the Atlanta, GA area!
By TheNerdedBeard 4 1 comments GA Aug 28, 2018
Hi everone. I'm from West Tennessee. Not many of us around these parts.
By questionall 5 5 comments TN Aug 17, 2018
Hey y'all, there are over 100 in this group. It'd be really wonderful to meet more of you. Have we had a discussion of a meet up already that I've missed? Birmingham looks pretty central to the region..
By moonmaid 8 2 comments GA Aug 16, 2018
Hi everyone im brent from Northwest Tennessee im a Tennessee fan in good times and bad
By riverman1234 5 2 comments TN Aug 15, 2018
Losing Faith: Why South Carolina is abandoning its churches: At least 97 Protestant churches across South Carolina have closed since 2011, according to data from the Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Methodist and Southern Baptist denominations. ...
Also posted in Religion & Spirituality
By NotReallyKirby 5 8 comments GA Aug 14, 2018
Hi. I'm in Batesville MS. I don't recommend it. LOL. From Charleston SC. How is everyone?
By walterlyon1984 3 6 comments MS July 21, 2018
Hi all. New member from Oklahoma City here.
By fiferguy 5 1 comments OK July 8, 2018
Happy Fathers Day to all ...
By blueskies 7 1 comments SC June 17, 2018

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Welcome to the community of good people who base their values on evidence and appreciate civil discourse - the social network you will enjoy.

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