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Over St Patrick's day weekend I participated in my first pickleball tournament & took 3rd place! All that practice was fun, an excellent cardio workout and won me a little bronze medal! 🏅 Woo hoo!
By tinebean 7 4 comments NV Mar 21
POLL Out of curiosity, are there any members of this group that are members of Orange Theory Fitness?
By icolan 7 6 comments ME Mar 8
For those of you looking for a little variety in your strength training. Yikes....... Youtube
By Mitch07102 7 2 comments PA Mar 2
Lifting the booty - is it all squats all the time? Need advice, work out routines, tips n tricks for a better booty by summer. Please and thank you!
By Sarabobeara138 4 7 comments CA Mar 2
Not my normal weekend workout, but it sure was fun!
By Allena 4 6 comments NY Feb 17
One of Gregg Glassman's classic lectures, discussing health as a spectrum from sickness to wellness to fitness. His discussion of what-do-you-want-to-do-when-you-are-90 is hilarious and spot-on. (Coach Glassman is the founder and CEO of CrossFit)...
By Mitch07102 7 1 comments PA Feb 16
I had my first triathlon in Sunday, an indoor USATri60. Lots of room for improvement, but I'm just a beginner swimmer, and haven't taken my bike on the road yet :)
By SilviaPark 4 10 comments VA Feb 14
Anyone else fluctuate a ton in weight? I had a dr appt on Wednesday and was 207. Today my scale here says 192. Even if mine isn’t as accurate as the doc’s, it can’t be 15lbs off...
By Flexymorals 7 6 comments MI Feb 9
Inspiration []
By kmdskit3 8 2 comments MN Jan 28
I just got this running singlet to wear to all my races. I've already worn it to work out at they Y. :)
By SilviaPark 4 8 comments VA Jan 27
Hey guys. I’ve had a kidney transplant and I’ve noticed a lot of the ingredients in normal pre-workouts can be harsh on the kidneys, either directly like creatine, or indirectly like caffeine through dehydration. So I’ve created my own with ...
By Flexymorals 7 4 comments MI Jan 23
A little less than 3 hours of pickleball yesterday & my knees are screaming at me today 😖 but what a great workout!!
By tinebean 7 6 comments NV Jan 23
Chinese principal gets students to dance. Youtube
By kmdskit3 8 2 comments MN Jan 22
Supplements - I've never been huge into supplements. I was always a little bit worried about the long term health benefits. I would always tell myself that I'll take them when I'm old and really need them. I think that day is here. What do you ...
By Kintaro 6 9 comments VA Jan 19
OK, so...for the past ten days or so, I've been in travel from goregaon W. Bandra, Pune, Kolapur, Pune, Bandra back Goregaon W. Within that time, I have not been able have a good workout, ie jump rope/squats with walking. I have however been ...
By VineetHonkan 6 2 comments Canada Jan 12
I'm thinking of getting a set of crossropes to add to my jump rope collection. I've seen clips on youtube claiming them to be the best. What do you guys think?
By VineetHonkan 6 2 comments Canada Jan 8
OK, so this past week I have not been able to workout aside from evening strolls due to constant moving. Despite eating hearty Indian food (chicken, mutton, rice, veggies etc) I am trying to keep about you? When not being able to do your...
By VineetHonkan 6 4 comments Canada Jan 7
I laughed way too hard at this one...
By tinebean 7 6 comments NV Jan 7
Classic Ballet anyone? this is a great workout you can do at home, the warm up sets are good for everybody, twenty to thirty minutes every other day is an efficient way to tone your muscles, develop agility and balance, not to mention the inner peace...
By omydog 3 1 comments Canada Jan 3
Since I’m self employed I prefer to do Insanity workouts at home so I can still answer the phone for potential sales at my naturopathic store.
By DocJon 3 0 comments CA Dec 29, 2018
Am I the only one who is absolutely dreading the gym in January? All the new year's resolution folks crowding up the place makes me a bit anxious each year. I applaud those trying to get fit & live a healthier lifestyle, but so many people give up ...
By tinebean 7 8 comments NV Dec 29, 2018
Has anyone here ever heard of Can-Fit-Pro? It's the biggest fitness expo in TOronto and occurs every August. You get to meet with people from the fitness industry, learn new ideas, see new equipment for sale and stuff...
By VineetHonkan 6 2 comments Canada Dec 24, 2018
Felt so lazy yesterday that I just stayed indoors. Now I'm back to my walk/jump rope/squats. Be back in about and hour and a half...
By VineetHonkan 6 3 comments Canada Dec 23, 2018
I was in vancouver 6 months ago, and not having my credit card with me (I had lost it earlier) was actually a blessing. I walked everywhere and rediscovered my appreciation and love for this bipedal form of locomotion...I walked down to the local gym...
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By VineetHonkan 6 3 comments Canada Dec 21, 2018
Does anyone remember the old Arnold Schwarzenegger commercial that used to play on the USA channel back in the mid-late nineties? It was about the evolution of Arnold, where he'd begin as Conan, then morph into the terminator, and finally into Kimble...
By VineetHonkan 6 3 comments Canada Dec 19, 2018

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