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Fvangelicals Unmasked
HumanistJohn May 24 May 24 22
"When yo do what we did to her, you loose your soul! But, it's hard to loose something that is a fiction in the first place.
BirdMan1 May 19 May 19 22
I am agnostic because I see what the God fearing republicans have to offer and that is hate! I will not support the party of hate! The republican evangelical so called Christians have helicopters to fly around in! These right wingers are a damn joke!
soobydoody607 Apr 19 Apr 19 22
LINK Neil deGrasse Tyson on God - YouTube
Hsable Apr 17 Apr 17 22
Just came across this curious tidbit. Is your state one of the 8 remaining ones with laws on the books protecting only diety believers' right to run for public office? Supreme Court struck these down years ago, but here they are, ready to offer at ...
MikeInBatonRouge Apr 15 Apr 15 11
Seems Hobby Lobby owners had a message from god telling them to stay open . . . . I'm sure it's legit
bookofmorons Mar 22 Mar 22 44
LINK ‘We also have the right’: Indonesian women break taboos in pursuit of sexual pleasure - National - The Jakarta Post
William77 Mar 21 Mar 21 22
Trust me kid, you'd be happier without the sanctioned mind control anyways.....
ZenStar Feb 28 Feb 28 33
yet another sad example of how religions fleece the faithful while they are protected by the powerful.
bookofmorons Feb 23 Feb 23 33
An old expression, "If you cannot tout your integrity preach your religion." is ringing true with the USA Republican's using taxation as a license to steal then justifying the theft with religion. I am Canadian where both main parties have played ...
Trueheartbc Feb 15 Feb 15 33
Just trying to build up some points here to get to that level 3, so listen up. When attending a meetup for non-believers, I found that many of the attendees did not realize that the Unitarian Universalist church is accepting of and supportive of ...
dannydreamer Feb 4 Feb 4 88
With the influence the Christian Conservatives have gained in the White House and Congress I believe the time has come for some organized resistance. If we do not join together in political protests they will completely destroy the separation of ...
BeachBumJack Jan 29 Jan 29 33
Paula White (DT's spiritual advisor) says she was 'praying Eph 6:12' when she called for 'all satanic pregnancies to miscarry.' Is there any wonder why we are against the co-mingling of religion and politics? Ugh. Complete and utter lunacy. ...
Indubitably Jan 28 Jan 28 55
It's vulgar, un-American, and unconstitutional that the Congress of the United States opens proceedings with a fucking prayer.
Trance Jan 25 Jan 25 44
Religion has a disproportionate influence on politics here in Tennessee. For example, a big reason why cannabis remains illegal here, even for medicinal purposes, is because the Southern Baptist church opposes it. Governor Bill Lee is a religious ...
JeffreyL Jan 21 Jan 21 33
Some good news on a stormy Sunday afternoon . . . noted End of Times, huckster and all round total nut job Jack Van Impe croaked today.
bookofmorons Jan 19 Jan 19 55
Go look up Mega Churches and see how much money they make! Religion is just another club that makes money, has expensive jets to fly, and hates others and are republican!
soobydoody607 Jan 17 Jan 17 22
There are so many people out there who say they believe in god and go to church every Sunday! When these people leave the church, the backstabbing starts! Man wrote the bible!
soobydoody607 Jan 4 Jan 4 33
LINK N.J. bill to remove religion as reason to avoid vaccinating kids enrages parents at hearing -
levan Dec 18 Dec 18 55
Some nice food for thought on that state of religion in politics.
MikeInBatonRouge Dec 15 Dec 15 33
Ok, not entirely sure where to post this... But i came across this meme that is being shared and it just makes my brain hurt just trying to comprehend the thought process behind this... Who thinks this shit up?
Marcus1701 Dec 13 Dec 13 1010
The power that radiates from these books!!
Observer-Effect Dec 5 Dec 5 11
why the name change?
IrishGypsy Dec 3 Dec 3 77
Over my years of service, church parades, prayers at various ceremonies and invoking "God" for protection were a regular part of the job. I hated every part of it but shut my mouth because it was "part of military life" and there were those that took...
bookofmorons Nov 20 Nov 20 33
Such a brilliant response to such a stupid question - well worth the read
bookofmorons Nov 12 Nov 12 55

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