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Hi, i am new -again-to Agnostics.Yes,I had a problem with the computer and I needed to re-join this group as a new member. Can anybody tell me how to get to the Conservative Atheist group? Thanks.

duchessa1 5 Oct 16
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Yes, just go out the door over THERE…and never come back.

Fortunately I was able to re-join the group. I am so glad.


Hit the browse button and go to groups, from there you can type in whatever groups you're looking for. There should be a magnifying glass icon to click on that will allow you to type in the search bar.

Tejas Level 7 Oct 28, 2021

Thanks. I will try -again.

I can't get there until I reach Level 3. Thanks for the info. I used to be Level 8.


Can't help you there as I have been blocked from the conservative group. Was your user name "Duchess" last time you were a member ?. You blocked me as well and you will probably do so again, so good luck,

Moravian Level 8 Oct 19, 2021

Remember "why" I blocked you?

@duchessa1 No. Could you enlighten me

@Moravian I rather not.



bobwjr Level 9 Oct 17, 2021



You can join the conservative atheist section the same way you joined the other areas you have already joined with your new identity. It's very puzzling to me why you don't already understand that.

Lorajay Level 9 Oct 17, 2021

Isn't that an oxymoron?

@ChurchLess I'm a little slow on that. Please explain.

@Lorajay Conservative atheist maybe ?. Uncommon but there are a few.

I don't have time to explain things to you.

No, I can't. See, now the site doesn't give me the option...........maybe because I "went back" to level 1. If I could I wouldn't have posted here where I only got "lack of respect".


You are unable to recover your password and user name for your previous account?
Or was your former account blocked?

Nothing to do with user / password / blocking...

Answering your other post:

Your sarcasm was so infantile I decided to ignore it...


Bless your little heart.... Why?

Because i am a Conservative Atheist. Please, don't bless me; I am too intelligent to believe in blessings / religions.

@duchessa1 But not intelligent enough to see sarcasm when it slaps you in the face it seems 🙂


Apparently it requires a head injury with permanent damage, try putting some banana peels at the top of the stairs, see how it works out.

SnowyOwl Level 7 Oct 16, 2021



Behave and post like a total asshat.
Like attracts like, they will soon find you

nahh....I will post like a Donald Trump voter.......which I am. See, I am in this site for over five years..........Level 8.......i know about them and about the liberals such as the ones who answered my post,

@duchessa1 5 years and only level 8? I was creeping up on level 10 in under 3 years when the computer shit the bed and I had to restart, you don't seem to be that active.

@duchessa1 Thanks for amply illustrating my point 🙂

What is illustrated in most of the answers, guys, is the lack of respect for "different opinions".

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