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Reasons we may feel just fine in this pandemic isolation. I know I do.

Mooolah 8 Sep 16
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I enjoy the staying home for sure but lately I feel kind of blah. I think it is the lack of any structure. All days feel the same.

Beverly78 Level 4 Sep 22, 2020

I like to be alone when I'm in the mood for it. The pandemic has shown me that I'm not always in the mood for it.

BitFlipper Level 8 Sep 17, 2020

It's not the isolation that's bothering me, it's literally everything else.

Kynlei Level 8 Sep 16, 2020

Me too. The isolation just gives me a lot more time to dwell on the things that really piss me off.


I don't feel fine. I have no problem with the isolation. That's mainly my lifestyle. But I have a problem with the fact that this country is broken, and I'm kind of tired of my own outrage over the lack of a competent central goverment and the atrocities I hear on the news on a daily basis.

Take a break. Do something that is fulfilling to you. Distract yourself for awhile in order to recharge. You are drained. As drained as "his" bank account. As drained as can be. Let others pick up the slack until you can once again rejoice in something. You are not alone. The Buddhists say life is suffering, so we are. Maybe I will try & take my own advice. =0}


I haven't had any problems in fact I'm enjoying the isolation .

Besalbub Level 8 Sep 16, 2020

Few commercial jets flying overhead (Brought to my attention by a friend in New Zealand). No motorhead parties across the road. No one asking to visit tho they are urbanites & fear spiders, bats, & snakes oh my. No invitations to lunch when I have to watch them eat massive quantities of carbs carrion & then complain that they are , fat, diabetic, & lonely. My "gentleman vineyard farmer" neighbor doesn't seek goo goo eyes in return for his. Just a wave now & then. Nice.


Very good

bobwjr Level 9 Sep 16, 2020

How about simply people who have learned to be happy with their own know, emotionally mature people......

AnneWimsey Level 9 Sep 16, 2020

Come now, nobod y is actually allowed to be emotionally mature these days, everyone has to have some kind of disorder. Being at peace with one's self is simply not permitted.🙄

@wolf041 I have disorders, but am also generally happy with myself. I deserve it!


I feel fine too although this article doesn't apply to me..


Psychotic , that's for sure .

Cast1es Level 9 Sep 16, 2020
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