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Jesus they got this right
By RavenCT 9 3 comments CT Mar 21
Got all excited when I saw this, and then found out such pictures aren't allowed here. (Just kidding)
By StevenWilbur 5 3 comments NE Mar 15
A VICE profile of Natalie Wynn (AKA ContraPoints) a YouTube philosopher/atheist who brilliantly tears apart the internet memes of the alt-right in an entertaining way. Youtube
By PalacinkyPDX 8 5 comments OR Mar 15
I LIVE IN western Virginia, and it is damned hard to find like minded people here. Does ANYBODY here live in Western Virginia? NOT WEST VIRGINIA...ANYBODY live along 81? PM me, I'd LOVE to chat, maybe get together with you. YOU would know how ...
By Bungaloebob 7 2 comments VA Mar 14
Attn: bisexual men The following was a comment I'd posted in the previous thread that I'm sharing here for more visibility. ============== For over a decade, my relationships were with women. I would tell them that I was bi, but I did the ...
By misternatureboy 7 9 comments CA Mar 12
Well, all the results are in and now I get to learn how to live more effectively with these results. My genetic test results came in and I have a fairly common genetic disorder called Klinefelter's syndrome where instead of being an XY male I'm an ...
By Mortal 8 7 comments CA Mar 9
Where all my asians at? :)
By sillyangel 3 4 comments Philippines Mar 7
[] Florida State Republican bill attempts to repeal al local lgbt protective ordinances. Isn't that just a lovely kick in the balls (rhetorical question)
By MikeInBatonRouge 7 4 comments LA Mar 7
Wow! A new Trump judicial appointee. She is quite a POS her commitment to ADF’s mission to recriminalize homosexuality and sterilize the transgender community []
By Science-guy 8 8 comments Canada Mar 6
The more I travel on my personal journey, the more I find myself and who I really am. I've considered myself bi for over 50 years but lately I've come to realize that I'm just attracted to men. I've actually gone to a strip club a few times just to ...
By Islandgurl 6 6 comments HI Mar 5
Queens at Heart (1967) Okay, fuck it, maybe it's not LGBTQ History month in the US, but I'm still posting this. In 1967, this film short "Queens at Heart" was made for grindhouse theaters. It features a sleazy host interviewing New York trans women ...
By PalacinkyPDX 8 2 comments OR Mar 5
I've just been informed US LGBTQ History month is in October in the US. My bad. Nevermind. ;)
By PalacinkyPDX 8 5 comments OR Mar 5
Happy LGBTQ History month. The Black Cat was a big gay/queer hangout in the Silverlake Section of Los Angeles. In 1967 (two years before Stonewall) customers were celebrating New Year's. At midnight a number the customers kissed one another (as you ...
By PalacinkyPDX 8 2 comments OR Mar 4
Can trans-women have multiple orgasms? I'm asking for a friend, seriously :) It never dawned on me to think about it before, and I've been chatting with someone I met online that asked me about it and I drew a complete blank.
By Mortal 8 8 comments CA Mar 3
Happy LGBTQ History Month! Compton's Cafeteria was one of San Francisco's better known trans/queer hangouts in the hardscrabble Tenderloin neighborhood (which was the Gayborhood before the Castro District became popular). In 1966, 3 years before ...
By PalacinkyPDX 8 2 comments OR Mar 3
Happy LGBTQ History month. Cooper's Do-Nuts in downtown Los Angeles was a well known hangout for drag queens, trans people and other gender variant persons. In 1959 (10 years before Stonewall), police attempted to arrest several Cooper's patrons for ...
By PalacinkyPDX 8 3 comments OR Mar 2
[] "Ex-gay" writer is, of course, talking about himself. Pathetic.
By MikeInBatonRouge 7 5 comments LA Mar 2
May I piggy-back off this platform-? "Transgender Dating Group"
By Skeezwazzle 7 1 comments NM Mar 1
Hi Chatty Cathies, after hearing how long chat room times seem destined to be empty, I've narrowed the chat times to the following: Saturdays 7-10PM EST Sunday 3-6PM EST To get to the Chatty Cathies chat room: [] and click the Chat...
By PalacinkyPDX 8 6 comments OR Mar 1
Happy LGBTQ History month. Dewey's Lunch Counter was a frequent late night hangout of queer and trans persons in Philadelphia. In 1965, the owners started to kick out "undesirables." In retaliation, the trans people, cross-dressers, femme gay men and...
By PalacinkyPDX 8 2 comments OR Mar 1
From an old social media campaign
By SkotlandSkye 8 3 comments OK Feb 28
I'm just going to leave this here.
By PiperATX 6 4 comments TX Feb 28
I thought this was a funny meme! lol
By balou 8 4 comments TX Feb 27
why are there so many... songs about rainbows?
By SkotlandSkye 8 6 comments OK Feb 27
[] I long for the day when everyone can just dress the way they want. This outfit just rocked. I don't care who you are. Youtube
By RavenCT 9 3 comments CT Feb 25

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