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For all my fellow vets and vet's family members, does this ring true?

glennlab 9 Aug 12
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Seems relatively accurate.
I identify with Air Force and a little bit of Army.
No Marines in Canada, but we used to have Airborn and they match the pic. Lol

scurry Level 8 Aug 12, 2020

I was in the Army!

What was your MOS? I was 97E stationed at Ft. Hood. (didn't re-up)

@AtheistInNC 71L, but in a damn tank battalion. 3-68 Armor at Carson. We spent 2 weeks a month downrange. LtCol McCarthy was really gung ho. Base cmdr said if soldiers weren't mission essential, bring em back to garrison. Like hell! He didn't give a damn. We were downrange all the damn time.