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Tired of this particular habit.

Hathacat 9 Oct 29
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7 come 11, baby need a pair of shoes! - Baby gonna have to learn to walk barefoot.

Surfpirate Level 9 Oct 29, 2020

So true...


I've found that most never recognize the loss, as they see no answers or the wrong answer as simply part of faith


Good one! Stealing, saving, and sharing on FB...

Robecology Level 9 Oct 29, 2020

and you are sure prayer is the cause of your losses? explain please

lookinhard Level 7 Oct 29, 2020

You seem to look at things completely different from me. I saw the following comparison in the meme. People that gamble only remember their wins. People that rely on prayer to get the outcome they want also only remember their wins.

Prayer has never been the cause of anything with me, as I was not raised in any belief Lorajay answers your question nicely.

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