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Don't test my knowledge!

By LEPeff
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Especially some hipster in his 20's! I just tell them, "Boy, my bourbon is older than you are!"

phxbillcee Level 9 Sep 22, 2018

The only time I need help in the liquor store is when I can't walk

Rudy1962 Level 8 Sep 22, 2018

The only time I ask for help, is when I'm in a new liquor store, and I don't
know where they have everything. If I have time to kill, I'll just wander around
and get the feel of the place.
If I'm in a hurry, just point me to what I want.

KKGator Level 9 Sep 22, 2018

True! whenever I'm asked if I need help at the liquor store I look at the person and say you must be new.

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