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Kids come in last place yet again...

Delaroux 7 Nov 9
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I agree

zorialoki Level 8 Nov 10, 2018

Ill remind my sons that Delilah now out ranks them

Livinlife Level 9 Nov 10, 2018


I agree. Lice would make horrible pets. ??


Of course kids are the worst pets. It is against the law to spay or neuter them.

Sticks48 Level 9 Nov 9, 2018

Been pet free for almost a year and kid free for many years. Let freedom ring.

@Boogey OMG.. you are so lucky. But to get my happy ass on a plane is another story. That sounds like so much fun and very exciting to say the least. Take my photos and post them.


I totally agree!!!!!!

Kojaksmom Level 8 Nov 9, 2018

No love for baby goats?

Or was this a corollary to the poll....."pets in the bedroom, yes or no"?

RPardoe Level 7 Nov 9, 2018

They taste good when grilled right

@zorialoki Kids? Or Kids?

@RPardoe Only tried eating kids as in baby goat


Nooooo... I love kids!! Lol


LMFAO! Well they really do make the worst pets! Of course that said, it is very rewarding also...

SukiSue Level 8 Nov 9, 2018

I had a lot of fun while my daughter was growing up, now I enjoy my dogs much more...Dogs actually mind the rules most of the time


Sounds about right to me. (There are exceptions)


My first thought would be husband .But it has to be cat.

Xanadutoo Level 7 Nov 9, 2018
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