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And off we go...

By tnorman1236
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An Uber, a taxi, a bus. Just don't pay to drink & drive, tho you used to be able to get away with it years ago. No more!!!

phxbillcee Level 9 Dec 21, 2018

That's for sure. I got stopped and let go a couple of times many years ago.

@tnorman1236 I sincerely doubt that would happen now!

@tnorman1236 The, "I just live down the road" excuse does not carry any weight now!

@phxbillcee My oldest son got stopped a block from our house when he was in his 20s, and they took him right to jail.

@tnorman1236 That's the way it is, now!

@phxbillcee " I can't stand on one foot with cowboy boots on!!" Has worked for me.

@Captnron59 "Take 'em off & do it barefoot!", said the deputy!

@phxbillcee not in Texas...

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