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He upgraded

By coralisthree8
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From one bitch to another, some men never learn!

phxbillcee Level 9 Jan 12, 2019

I so miss my dog, she passed 7 weeks ago! ? she loved riding in the car.

Gonzogopher Level 6 Jan 12, 2019

Sorry to hear that, bro. Losing a member of the family is always tough, pet or human. I've outlived far too many. A toast to her!

@phxbillcee thanx there are still parts of every day where her absence is....I don’t know a word but huge.

@Gonzogopher Yeah, they leave a hole in our lives when they pass. Condolences are all I can offer, & understanding.


You're not my mom!!

Cutiebeauty Level 9 Jan 12, 2019

What a bitch!

joeymf86 Level 7 Jan 12, 2019

You beat me to it lol

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