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Sounds good to me.

Tomfoolery33 9 Aug 15
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My favorite bar (Brews on the Alley) opens at eight in the morning. It opens that early for the midnight shift workers.

Order a pretzel for breakfast and a high octane craft beer. They also serve several types of pastries and coffee for those who feel the need to stay sober after work.


And the judgement discount!



Jama765 Level 7 Aug 15, 2019

I use to go to a Bar in Huntington, WV . Davis's, at 8th street and 8th Avenue catered to the Overnight crowd and to the Midnight Shift Workers and You could get breakfast and a beer ..... Or two or three .

GEGR Level 7 Aug 15, 2019

Davis's is a good place, but they've remodeled it, and now it feels like drinking beer in a McDonalds. Too bright and plasticy.

@Tomfoolery33 I haven't been there since it was remodeled . This is what everyone who had been going in there for years says .


Good Combo .

GEGR Level 7 Aug 15, 2019
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