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I think more highly of dogs...

EyesThatSmile 8 Oct 29
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Who would follow Bruce Jenner taking progesterone to grow lactating breasts after age 60 with the new name CAITLIN and dresses ? THE. Olympic Decathlon champion relationship with dogs IS SUSPECT


Good one!

BudFrank Level 8 Nov 1, 2020

I far more trust the opinion of my dog than the opinion of athletes.


I'm convinced I was a dog in a previous life. (Because of the way most dogs treat me.) But I quit playing tennis a couple years ago, so I don't chase balls any more. Even so, you're welcome to ask me anything.

mischl Level 8 Oct 30, 2020

I know you are knowledgeable in several fields... I may take you up on your offer, dog or not!

@artafrolic Mervyn, that's one of those things: If I could, I would.

@artafrolic, @EyesThatSmile And Marianne, you're just as welcome as the flowers in springtime.


There's good logic in that.

Petter Level 9 Oct 29, 2020

Or talk to the cat!

@EyesThatSmile ... and hope it deigns to answer.

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