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For those who reject (or are very skeptical) about anything supernatural

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I'm of the opinion that anything labeled "supernatural" is simply some natural phenomenon that we don't yet understand.
Posted by By bigpawbullets | 1 comments | Down By The Clear Creek, USA | Last June 1, 2018
Well first saw it in context here! I'm not sure I fit, but I'm a skeptic and have a problem with those that promote beliefs in supernatural beings and occurances! However I feel we sometimes ...
Posted by By Theskeptic | 2 comments | Some Where Nice ! ?, USA | Last May 31, 2018
Welcome. When did you first hear the term 'Naturalist', and how long did it take you to identify yourself as such?
Posted by By RobH86 | 3 comments | yes, UK | Last Feb 18, 2018

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