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Real gun and lethal weapon, control. Ban assault weapons large volume magazines and safer hand guns. This is not to ban all guns, and lethal weapons, but to promote more training and better background checks.

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"Pandemic firearm buying" is now a thing. Wow. I'm not going to bother to post links. Long and short is one video I watched was from a guy saying that 'a gun is better than no gun'. True in a self-defense situation, but now we have people going ...
TheGreatShadow Apr 17 Apr 17 11
Little bit of an uneasy feeling yesterday. Went to get pills after my surgery. Naturally there was no drive through. I had to sit and wait because they had to do the opiates when I showed up. I know the coronavirus has a lot of people worried with ...
TheGreatShadow Apr 14 Apr 14 22
Weird gun loophole I just found out about. The 100% lowers still require a FFL to be shipped. Neither are functioning firearms when you get them. This makes no sense. If you build one it is a so-called "ghost gun".
TheGreatShadow Apr 10 Apr 10 33
Anybody changing their stance on guns amidst this pandemic?
Golgo13 Mar 27 Mar 27 1010
I think this one takes the cake. I heard this on Todd N Tyler. Yes, they do a lot of jokes, but this was reported by their news guy/fact checker Craig. Dromroll People are stalking up on ammo to fight the Coronavirus! At first you are like ...
TheGreatShadow Mar 25 Mar 25 22
49. I don’t believe the Second Amendment would have been dead if Hillary won. Last I heard there were 390 million guns in private hands in this country. That seems like more than enough. Unless we want to start arming babies. I had to post this....
TheGreatShadow Jan 26 Jan 26 22
Iowa grants gun permits to the blind My first thought was this has to be a joke. But it is on USA Today's website. An older article, but what? This is Iowa BTW. That says a lot. Next they will give them drivers licenses! Wow. I mean, just wow! ...
TheGreatShadow Jan 23 Jan 23 55
Made me laugh.
Druvius Jan 22 Jan 22 55
Friend of mines dad posted this. He is a Marine. This is damn true.
TheGreatShadow Jan 9 Jan 9 22
Tactical beer koozie made of kevlar. I don't care if you want to get one of these for a buddy as a gag gift, or use it as a wall hanger, or a conversation piece. However, there is someone out there thinking that they will go hunting, or target ...
TheGreatShadow Jan 5 Jan 5 44
2 dead, 1 in critical condition in shooting at Texas church
TheGreatShadow Dec 29 Dec 29 55
Virginia sheriff says he’ll deputize residents if gun laws pass What the hell? Don't they need something like, uhhh, training? If this goes through I know what is going to happen. Several will let it go to their head, and intentionally go after...
TheGreatShadow Dec 20 Dec 20 44
Get a CCW. Makes you an automatic badass... SMH
TheGreatShadow Dec 17 Dec 17 22
A little off topic, but I think it's important, Don't ask me why man made disasters fascinate me, maybe because I've spent most of my life fixing things. All the studies and investigations have been done and published about Deep Water Horizon. ...
MikeFlora Nov 20 Nov 20 33
Question for all "responsible gun owners." What do you think we should do about irresponsible gun owners?
editor20 Nov 9 Nov 9 22
A guy complained in my small town Facebook page because someone called the police on him for walking in town with a large weapon. He was then asked by the officer what was going on and he let him go on his way once he figured out he was hunting. All ...
MsAl Nov 3 Nov 3 44
AR-15 Inventor's Family: This Was Meant to Be a Military Weapon But you got to keep in mind some of the prototypes were select. I hear from the gun nuts that "assault" is an action, not to describe a weapon. Why does the ATF use that do describe ...
TheGreatShadow Oct 14 Oct 14 66
Another shooting. This time in Philly. 6 injured.
TheGreatShadow Oct 14 Oct 14 33
Do you think body armor should be illegal? Why or why not?
TheGreatShadow Oct 2 Oct 2 44
What do you use for self-defence?
TheGreatShadow Sep 30 Sep 30 1414
If firearms scare you, there is an Army guy that posted how to make pipe bombs, and encouraged people to make them and target CNN! If that doesn't scare you more than a firearm, it should. Hes going to court on Thursday.
TheGreatShadow Sep 24 Sep 24 55
Warren Burger!
jerry99 Sep 23 Sep 23 11
‘It’s a weapon of war’: Democratic veteran dismantles bogus assault weapons argument in eight tweets An interesting read and addresses the argument over what constitutes an assault weapon
chalupacabre Sep 17 Sep 17 33
Good question!
jerry99 Sep 8 Sep 8 33
Did the Ammoland link post get pulled by Admin? If so I can see why, a nasty piece of NRA propaganda. Beautifully written though, a classic example of how to string logical fallacies together.
Druvius Sep 7 Sep 7 33

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