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Do you think body armor should be illegal? Why or why not?


TheGreatShadow 9 Oct 2
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It's not a matter of should it be legal or illegal...the point is why should there even be a need to buy it?


The only time I put on leather gloves is when I'm going to do a lot of shoveling or other heavy work. Likewise, the only time I should need body armor is when I'm going to go on a mass murder spree. Other wise, living a normal crime-free life, I could live ten lifetimes with body armor on every day without ever running into a time I would need it.

My point: Only criminals need body armor. Anyone else who thinks they need it is living a very paranoid life.

Look at hunting accidents. I'd use them when hunting. There are a lot of irresponsible hunters out there, and maybe just some kids target practicing. Here is a story that happened to my cousins son. He was in a tractor. All of a sudden a bullet came out of nowhere, and went straight through the cab narrowly missing him. Scared the shit out of him. Hunting accidents happen far too often. Serial killers aren't the only people that use them. Honest citizens and SWAT teams use them. BTW felons can't own them. I think there is only one state you have to pick it up in person. Otherwise, you can order them online.


What the Fuck are you doing that Needs Body Armor ????

GEGR Level 7 Oct 2, 2019

Have you seen all the mass shootings that have happened this year alone?

@TheGreatShadow So, You wear Body Armor all the time ?????

@GEGR 8 week waiting period. Won't be in for about 6 more weeks. Once they come in you bet your ass I'd wear them all the time. I have a bowie knife on me 24/7 (yes I sleep with it) and I almost always have a firearm on me. I sleep with firearms by me. If you think I am paranoid, you are more than willing to pay for the 5K in medical bills from an assault. I didn't do shit to provoke him.

@TheGreatShadow So live your life in Fear and Paranoia .Scared of your shadow .

@GEGR I guess security cameras and reinforced doors are excessive too...

@TheGreatShadow Enjoy your Fucked Up Life of Fear and Paranoia .

@GEGR I'll feel a lot better when he is put in prison for life.


Not sure why it would be illegal, as it has no offensive capability, but I can see it being a factor in sentencing, when used in a crime.

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