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Side yard...plastic flowers from recycled stuff.

BobMcDowell 6 Feb 17
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This was my inspiration. [uncoveringpa.com]


great idea.

hankster Level 9 Feb 17, 2018

How fun and easy yard maintaince. if you let them go to seed will they reseed themslves? 😉

heh heh


I like that repurposing

btroje Level 9 Feb 17, 2018


sandyw1952 Level 6 Feb 17, 2018

How do you make these? I love this idea!

Plainjane Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Spray paint, zip ties, empty plastic soda or water bottles, plastic bucket lids, electric drill, plastic water pipe that I had left over.

Well I think it looks amazing! I think I might try to make some.


Amazing sight. How about some lettuce in between? ( I am a gardener)

Spinliesel Level 8 Feb 17, 2018

I have a hard time growing even an invasive species like phragmites ...so I went with plastic. heh heh

@BobMcDowell You think it is your black thumb, or the soil in your yard? I love the plastic flowers and would so copy them and set them in between my green stuff.

@Spinliesel Usually very hot dry summers in my case...and lazyness.


Very cheery!

Insectra Level 8 Feb 17, 2018
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